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Helen Hall Inspires Joyful Living with her Lifestyle and Wellness Companies



By: April Stettner, Guest Writer (

The poet Hafez said, “An awake heart is like a sky that pours light.”

Sitting on Helen Hall’s idyllic porch, a golden retriever nestled beneath her feet, she is effortlessly captivating. Helen emits the iridescent glow of a human vibrating at a higher frequency. She is attentive, genuine, and, most importantly, kind. I completely understand why her being the creator and face of her lifestyle brand Blender Bombs is genius and necessary. Simply put, I’ll have whatever Helen’s having.

Helen possesses that desirable quality that has made many lifestyle brands like The Honest Company and Goop household names. She is the ultimate testimonial of the brand, so there is little convincing on if her products work. It’s more of a question of which do I try first.

The genesis of Blender Bombs came about in 2017, when Helen, a life-long wellness practitioner, had a renewed and invested interest in shifting her mindset and maximizing her health.

Chances are you may already know Helen from her delicious Blender Bombs or smoothies. She originally began creating Blender Bombs within her kitchen. She subscribes to a plant-forward 80/20 lifestyle and consulted with a doctor on the optimal nutritional profile for Blender Bombs. Each one is nutrient dense with the perfect ratio of fiber, fat, and protein to keep you fuller longer, ideally using them as a meal replacement.

There are not just Blender Bombs but bars, butter, even specialty granola. Not to mention a new addition to Helen’s Blender Bombs brand: Tipsy Spritzers. Like all of Helen’s products, the inception of Tipsy Spritzer’s came from finding a gap in the space for a product with high-quality ingredients. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a cocktail or two and not have to worry about not feeling great the next day?  Tipsy Spritzers alleviates this by eliminating unnecessary chemicals, fake sugars, and sulfites.

Helen’s products appeal to me for several reasons, mainly because I’ve struggled with autoimmune issues for years, and anyone who’s experienced life with a chronic illness knows how important what you put in your body and how it will directly influence your energy levels is.

Helen’s knowledge base is wildly impressive. Though she may shy away from terms like specialist, I would say that she’s a bit like an oracle regarding nutrition, movement, and meditation. I mention my struggles with digesting raw vegetables, and she has a protocol with celery juice to try. I bring up my inability to find a meditation practice I can stick with, and she happily shares how she’s created a meditation and gratitude practice within her daily life.

As I finish the delicious, iced coffee Helen prepared for me, I look at my phone and can’t believe we’ve been talking for an hour. She has a work meeting coming up, and I realize how sad I am to leave; I feel as if I could talk to her for hours about so many things.

Helen walks me out and hugs me like she did when she greeted me, arms outstretched and warm like she’s known me forever.

I feel that may be the perfect way to describe why her businesses have and will continue to be so successful; she treats everyone she interacts with like they matter, the same way you would a friend.

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