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What Kind of Vape Batteries Last the Longest?



All portable vape devices use a battery. It heats the coil or atomizer which in turn vaporizes the substance being vaped. These batteries are rechargeable and often replaceable. But is there one that lasts the longest? Most vape device of the portable kind use a 510-thread battery of which more in a moment, and it should be said that the life of one charge may be determined by the type of device you are using, the regularity of use, and the substance concerned. Let’s have a look at vape batteries in detail

Why 510-thread?

You can’t move in the vape market without hearing or reading about 510 thread batteries so what are they and why the fuss? When vape devices first hit the market they were rudimentary items with little sophistication. Also, as an emerging market many manufacturers jumped in with their own interpretation of what a vape device should be. This meant using different types of battery and little in the way of cross-over between brands.

Several years on and the manufacturers have recognised the sensibility of bringing in standardization in batteries, and the 510-thread example is the one used by most if not all the makers. It refers merely to the thread that the battery uses to join with the device. As we said above the type of device you use may determine the duration of one battery charge, so let’s move on to look at the effects.

Types of Vape Device

It’s worth mentioning at this point that there have been concerns in the press as to the safety of vape batteries but as that article shows instances of them ‘exploding’ are very, very rare and the modern versions have safety systems built in such as automatic shut down after a period of no usage.

If you are using a vape box mod – a larger device – you are using the most powerful vaping device with the biggest battery. But this doesn’t mean it will last the longest, as it also has more work to do.

In fact, as we are about to see, a certain type of vape pen may be the one that gives the longest battery life. Consider the substance you like to vape: are you a dry herb vaper? If so, you are using the method that provides the least powerful hit. This means you will re=draw many more times than someone using a wax or dab pen, who gets a more powerful vape cloud and therefore needs less intake.

As there are pens designed specially for dry herb, for wax and also for oils, each has its own merits. However, research has shown that a 3-in-1 vape pen – that is one that can handle all the types of substance – without variable voltage controls and with no sophisticated added functions is likely to provide the greatest battery life. This is because the battery has less to do and is therefore not working as hard.

Usage and Battery Duration

There is no doubt that vaping is far safer than smoking and this is why many people have taken up vaping instead. However, being caught short with a dead vape battery is not ideal! You can buy power banks that will enable you to recharge your vape device, or if yours has a 510-thread battery you carry a spare and change over in a few seconds.

If you use your vape pen a lot you are going to wear the battery down more quickly, so we suggest that whatever type of vape device you use, you charge your battery overnight using an approved charger with a cut-off safety feature.

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