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How emerging technology has impacted the gaming industry



Anyone with more than a passing interest in the entertainment industry will be well aware that gaming has seen a massive rise in the last decade. Today, gaming is bigger than the movie and music industries combined. The reasons for this advance are varied, but a significant one is new technology.

The online casino industry is one section of the gaming industry that has seen a profound effect from new technology. Emerging technological features such as virtual and augmented reality are set to continue the evolution of gaming.

Indeed, VR and AR are already here and have begun to influence the design and structure of videogames, online gaming, and sports entertainment. The casino industry is a major part of this development, and benefits from the diverse range of features that new tech provides.

Live Casino Experience 

The live casino experience is the ideal way for online casino players to feel even more part of the action. This new trend brings a live dealer into the online casino.

A major plus point for the live experience is that players do not need to travel to a bricks and mortar casino and can instead enjoy the gaming from anywhere. The introduction of the live dealer element with live communication brings a real-world feel to the game.

First optioned back in the late 1990s, but hampered by slow internet connections, live casino is today one of the favoured ways to enjoy gaming entertainment.

Secure and Convenient Payment Methods

Another way that technology has impacted on the pragmatic experience of online gaming and casinos is in payments. Many online casinos require players to make a deposit before playing. The most reputable companies utilise the latest payment methods to make this as easy as possible.

New technology is key to this. Credit and debit cards, PayPal, E-Wallets and emerging cryptocurrencies are all used by leading online casinos.

New technology has allowed many different online payment options to be offered to players.

The Impact of Mobile Gaming

As more people all over the world have access to mobile devices with stronger connections, the effect on gaming has been immense. Developers have taken note of the fact that many gamers now choose to play their titles on mobile devices, rather than on desktop computers or consoles.

With more than 2.2billion active mobile gamers worldwide, it is little wonder that future games and designs take a smaller screen into account. This can affect everything from the visual style of the games to how much text is included during the game.

Cloud Gaming

The biggest buzz of all new tech may well be reserved for cloud gaming. Pretty much everyone uses the data storage advantages of the cloud these days but applying the technology to gaming is new to many.

The largest gaming companies such as Nintendo are now offering players the opportunity to play games by streaming rather than downloading them. This has some major plus points for gamers keen to experience new games. Versatile renting and payment options mean that players can try out new games without having to buy the entire product.

Computing, leisure and social media giants Facebook, Amazon, Sony and Google have also seen the possibilities of cloud gaming. Certainly, they have made significant investments in the last few years to bring a wider scope of this new technology into the commercial sphere.

What seems sure is that the cloud provides a further way for gaming to become an everyday part of user’s entertainment fix. While seasoned game players may complain about a perceived lag caused by an over-reliance on internet sources, all evidence points to the fact that the future for gaming is online.

The introduction of cloud gaming has been a success with many games now being accessible via one server.

E-Sports and Live Streaming 

The vast improvement of broadband connections throughout the world – with 5G becoming a reality in many areas – has also led to the rise in popularity of live-streamed events.

All kinds of sports and entertainment can now be streamed directly to devices. Providing a wealth of options for sports fans, streaming technology has led to a rapid change in how sports are watched and enjoyed.

The emergence of E-Sports in recent years as a major rival to traditional sports is firm evidence of the practical relationship between gaming entertainment and technology. The players and fans of E-Sports are digital natives who naturally view, play, and bet on the games online.

E Sports have also had an impact on the wider sports and entertainment industry. It has been noted that for a proportion of last year, E-Sports received more TV coverage than traditional sports events.

The Future of Gaming 

While the future of gaming entertainment is no doubt online, new ways of receiving data will also be integral to the changing shape of gaming. Smartphones and tablets will continue to adapt to embrace the new online possibilities of mobile gaming. This will likely accelerate the decline in console and computer gaming.

While traditional hardware will continue to exist for a section of the gaming market, particularly those looking for accessories such as headsets and visors for VR integration, a large and growing proportion of gamers will continue to play on mobile devices.

New technology will also continue to work alongside the gaming industry to enhance and develop its entertainment options.

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