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Husband and wife launch The Balanced Bra Company



Press Release

Christopher and Heather St. John, Myrtle Beach locals, announced the launch of The Balanced Bra Company (The Balanced Bra Co.), an intimate fashion line created out of the need for women to find comfortable, fashionable bras for women living with asymmetrical breasts. The St. Johns have officially launched their online store featuring two lines of bras in an array of colors and sizes, all designed with women’s comfort and confidence in mind.

“After years of living with inadequate intimate apparel options for women with asymmetrical breasts, I approached my husband with the concept of creating our own fashion line,” said Heather St. John, co-founder of The Balanced Bra Co. “It’s been nearly three years of intense research and development leading up to this monumental moment not only for our family, but for the women’s apparel industry as a whole.”

The Balanced Bra Co.’s unique bras feature an exclusive design, allowing women to choose two separate cup sizes to meet their proper measurements to create one whole bra, bringing balance where traditional bras fall short.

“It’s so amazing to see our dream become a reality,” shares Heather. “Believe me, there is definitely a massive need for The Balanced Bra Co., and it feels so great to finally be able to offer women an option for the perfect fit in their bra.”

The bra design features a unique design with special clasps, bringing the two cup sizes together so that women can tailor the fit of their bra to their comfort and body shape. Currently, brand sizes range from 32 to 38 and cup sizes are offered in A, B, C, D and DD.

Breast asymmetry refers to when one breast is a different size or shape than the other. Various dissimilarities can be caused by natural circumstances such as hormonal changes, pregnancy and breastfeeding, injury or surgery as a result of conditions such as breast cancer.

Credit: Christopher and Heather St. John

According to Dr. Jerome Guanciale, “Asymmetrical breasts are common in female adolescents and about one in four adult women have some degree of asymmetry of the breasts. However, it’s perfectly normal for women to have asymmetrical breasts at various times throughout their life.”

The Balanced Bra Co. has launched two initial styles available on the brand’s website. “We plan to add more styles and colors in the near future however, for right now we are simply celebrating the fact that we are empowering women to experience equality, comfort, confidence and balance in a new and fashionable way,” says Heather.

While the Balanced Bra Co. was inspired by helping women with asymmetrical breasts, Heather also notes that their line of bras is a viable option for any woman.

To learn more about the Balanced Bra Co., visit or on Facebook and Instagram.

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