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The importance of experience in carpet cleaning



Often those who own a carpet mistakenly believe that they can independently carry out all the necessary cleaning and maintenance operations. These are the traditions that are handed down from generation to generation to instill the idea that, in your own homes, there is everything you need to wash this piece of furniture yourself. But is not so.

We tried to find out more about the importance of professional assistance in this sector. In reality, the operations people carry out on a daily basis do not concern the cleaning of the carpet, which is a very different thing, but it is just ordinary maintenance.

Professional washing that uses the best carpet steam cleaner is not optional, but it should be an obligatory choice for hygienic purposes. In fact, at least every two or three years, a cleaning process should be carried out to sanitize the carpet, so that the wool and the materials that compose it do not deteriorate.

In fact, a very important aspect of cleaning treatments is precisely this: their purpose is not only to guarantee healthier environments in our homes, but also to make our carpets last longer.

Why can the carpet deteriorates with dust?

Because the carpet has a reticular base structure; this netting is filled with knots. Over the years, the overlap of the powder in the base creates tends to create micro-cracks in the carpet, as well as a hygienic problem.

But what does cleaning consist of in practice?

Commonly, before washing, each carpet is beaten with a professional beater to eliminate the bulk of the dust, which otherwise, mixing with the water, would make the work more difficult. Subsequently, he washes them with specific detergents, strictly by hand; the only machine he uses is used to remove 70-80% of the water from the fabric. The semi-humid carpet, in the event of a favorable temperature, is exposed to the outside while, in situations where the weather is adverse, it is placed in thermoregulated rooms.

The carpet is then brushed and softened; the fringes are treated separately, as they represent the most delicate part. Finally, quality control is performed and, if the result does not satisfy him, he repeats the entire cycle of operations, without affecting the final price agreed with the customer, because his goal is that the carpet is clean.

The costs of washing are not prohibitive: it is an operation that takes place every two or three years, and, with the same treatment, the cost does not change as the value of the carpet increases.

The collateral damage of do-it-yourself

The precautions that must be taken in these operations are many: Not everyone would be able to understand how long the carpet can stay in the water, which specific detergents to use, these must act on the stain…

Another problem is that of space: not everyone has the opportunity to dry them outside. Let’s think about the difficulty of handling them: A dry carpet weighs 6-7 kg per square meter; if someone thought of washing it at home, the weight would triple.

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