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7 Workplace Tools to Help You Brew Your Morning Cup of Joy



Do you often find yourself rushing to work without having coffee or tea? You can now brew a perfect cup at your desk

For most of us, maintaining a functional mind and body is nearly impossible without a shot of caffeine. Some people prefer to make a flawless cup of tea or coffee at home, while others quickly grab an espresso or a latte from a neighboring café. Regardless, this never-ending caffeine craving must be satisfied with a second or third cup in the office.

Brewing a cup of tea or coffee used to be a lot of work in the olden days. Thanks to new and innovative ways, you can now simply drink as many cups of your favorite workplace beverage as you want. All you need are the right set of tools and ingredients.

In this article, you will find a variety of coffee and tea brewing tools that will add delicious flavors into your mundane work life.

A Moka Pot

Your office may already have an espresso or some sort of coffee machine that serves your coffee cravings. However, if for some reason there isn’t one or if you do not like the taste of it, a Moka Pot will be the best option.

If you want to get that exquisite espresso-shot-boost, this tool is a must-have. The Moka pot’s three-chambered brew procedure is what makes it so special. Water boils in the lower chamber, and the steam produces pressure that drives the water into the top chamber via the coffee ground.

Despite the fact that it won’t taste exactly like espresso if you do it perfectly, a semisweet and incredibly strong mix will take you through hours of work.

Tea K- Cup Pods

Even though coffee is like the office showstopper, don’t be disheartened tea lovers. It is time to emerge from the shadows of the kitchen cabinet and into the spotlight.

As shocking as it may look, tea brewing pods exist, and they brew some of the best K-Cup teas. You can choose from a wide variety of flavors, including green, black, or fruit tea, and so on. Brewing tea is a straightforward procedure, all you need is the simplest brewing machine.

The French Press

Don’t have a grinder? No problem! You can easily use pre-ground coffee with the classic French Press. It is a wonderful brewer to add to your coffee collection and is a perfect fit for someone who is just learning to make coffee.

Unlike a dripping coffee machine, a French Press happens to be an immersion brewer, allowing the coffee grounds to be steeped in hot water before being strained. This enhances the flavor, giving it a strong test. With a drip machine, you have to add water continuously, which sometimes dilutes the flavor of the coffee.

The majority of French presses are made of glass, however metal varieties are available if you want something a little sturdier.

Electric Kettle for Tea

An electric tea kettle is the most widely used appliance for making tea quickly. All you have to do is fill the kettle with water, switch it on, wait for it to boil, then pour it into a cup with a teabag and some sugar.

Electric kettles are available in various sizes, budget lines and have different characteristics. However, the only feature you should keep an eye on is an automated switch that turns off on its own once the water has boiled.

Pour Over Coffee Maker

Many consider pour-over brewing to be a more complex method, and while there is some potential for a blunder, there’s absolutely no reason why anyone can’t manage it. Pour-over coffee machines are typically cone-shaped, with a filter paper integrated inside, that can be conveniently placed on top of a mug or carafe.

There are three varieties of pour-over makers: ceramic, plastic, and metal, each of which produces a distinct flavor of coffee according to its heating capabilities. They can also have a variety of shapes, ranging from slightly rhomboid to totally circular. They can also differ in the number of holes at the bottom of the brewer, along with the filter you choose to use, all have an impact on the quality and taste of the coffee.

Tea Infuser

You can simply steep a single cup of tea or a full teapot with a tea infuser. The infuser makes it easier to manage the absorption period, which prevents tannins from being over-extracted, culminating in a harsh cup.

You can serve delicious tea using a tea infuser by following a simple three-step procedure. Begin by boiling the water (do not microwave the water, as it is never evenly heated in the microwave). Avoid re-heating the water, as this results in lewd-tasting tea due to an imbalance of components.

Next, pick your favorite flavor of tea and place it in the infuser on a teacup. Lastly, pour some hot water on the leaves and steep it as per instructions and once you can feel the aroma tickling your nose, know that your delightful tea is ready.

Vacuum Brewers

Vacuum brewers, sometimes known as siphon brewers, have a striking appearance. Some look like something you would find in the secret layer of a mad science fanatic, while others bring in a war hawk vibe.

At its most basic level, a vacuum brewer comprises an upper and lower chamber connected by a hollow stem. You add ground coffee to the top, filling the lower chamber with water. Once the lower chamber is placed near a heat source, the water boils, creating steam that can penetrate into the upper chamber. The extraction takes place at this point.

As the heating source is removed, the pressure drops from the lower chamber creating a suction that pulls the brewed coffee into the lower chamber leaving the grounds above, giving you a delicious mix of freshly brewed coffee.

Get The Tool That’s Best for You

We all need a good amount of caffeine in our system to get through work. Hopefully, you can pick a machine from the ones mentioned above, that best suits your coffee or tea-thirsty self!

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