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Trends in the Development of the Games in Denmark in 2021



When you think of games don’t just restrict it to video games and casino games. The digital revolution is moving multiple industries to develop games that suit their business and industry requirements.

In this article we’re going to look at what the top five trends in Denmark’s burgeoning sports technology industry might be able to tell us about 2021 and beyond.

There was a significant increase in global installs for health & fitness apps in March 2021. Various studies have shown that consumers in Denmark are increasingly buying into the notion of “digitalized” exercise programs which integrate mobile devices or wearable technology like connected shoes.

We expect these trends to continue during the remainder of 2021. Guest author Caroline Grogerssen takes a look at how technology and gaming style apps have changed the health and fitness industry in Denmark. Here is more info on Caroline Grogerssen.


In 2021, expect high-tech companies to continue to develop virtual reality environments that allow users to exercise with fitness characters. Game designers will tap into the popularity of sporty films like Rocky and use them as inspiration for their own work.


7peaks is a mental health platform developed in Denmark. It blends technology, gamification, and psychology to encourage positive behavioral changes in the workplace. It provides a platform for employers to assign health challenges to their employees with game-like objectives and rewards, as well as a reporting system that allows companies to evaluate the effectiveness of these challenges


At-Home Training

Training at home has become a necessity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fitness products that are extremely practical and easy to use from their home have become an increasingly more attractive option for a growing number of people.


We all know how hard it is for most people to work out at full intensity while alone at home. In 2021, we will begin to see a new wave of at-home training products that aim to make working out alone at home even easier.


The most intuitive and comprehensive fitness products in the future will be able to track users’ habits, monitor their health metrics, and understand exactly when they’re ready for another round of training.


The COVID-19 pandemic has boosted the popularity of digital devices in Denmark. Danes not only use wearable devices to help with their health and fitness but also use gratis skrabespil apps to play skrabespil games online while they are working out in the gym or after a tough workout as it helps them relax and unwind.


User-Friendly Personalization and Digitization

While there are a lot of things that we as humans all have in common, we also have different needs. The digital fitness market is expected to respond to this growing demand for an individualized and personalized experience by offering a wider range of choices for users. This will include the integration of more personal information about our lives, such as location, interests, nutrition level, and so on.


Community-Based Fitness Activities

Lots of people find it easier to commit to physical exercise when they have partners, and the fitness industry will be responding to this need by providing more ways for people to enjoy physical activities with others.


People can already share their progress on their favorite fitness apps, but in 2021 we’ll begin to see collaboration between users that goes beyond simple encouragement.


The Danish start-up Hubbster provides a way for people with similar fitness interests and goals to connect with each other to conduct outdoor games or activities. This helps people with shared interests or goals to band together.


You might think you’re the only dodgeball enthusiast in your area. Registering a Hubbster account will help you reach out to other people who share your interests and improve your chances of finding someone to play with.


Virtual Sports

Virtual sports are useful for making sports more accessible for everyone, including those who are stuck at home. One example of how virtual sports can help expand the market for digital fitness is that it allows users to replicate a sport they’re interested in or want to try without actually having access.


The Danish startup Jabii is essentially a boxing device in the package of a telescopic arm. It works with an app to construct boxing workouts tailored specifically for you. You can set up an effective workout for however much time you have. You can have a five-minute workout for a quick afternoon boost, or a 30-minute circuit to really get your adrenaline going after your morning nap.



Expect to see a lot more industries apart from the health and fitness industry embrace a gaming styled approach to boost their products and services in the months to come. Giving more options to players looking for more or new players looking to put their player tips to good use.

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