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Amazing places to order healthy food for lunch



Ordering a healthy meal online to keep you energized all through the day can be quite a challenge especially at a time when the whole world is facing the brunt of the pandemic. But there is a bit of good news as a slew of health focused food chains have emerged in recent years, and delivery services are offering free or reduced price along with other sumptuous deals. Placing orders online through delivery players like Doordash, customers can avail of a significant $10 off on the entire order.

Folks, who are concerned about weight gain, or wanting to make healthier choices have plenty of Lunch options and from our list below, one can expect to see healthy chain restaurants that are working to make a difference with a focus on items with fibre and protein with fast delivery services, especially when you are in the middle of a work shift.

  • Burrito Bowl at Chipotle

Although the Burritos aren’t considered to be healthy but with the ingredients that go into them, it’s hard to argue that Chipotle isn’t a healthy chain. While ordering a Burrito bowl go for Fajita steak, pinto beans and all the veggies that your heart desires to get your dose of proteins making your meal more filling and satisfying.

If you place your order through Uber Eats then you can snag a good deal by redeeming $20 off on all menu items.

  • Sweet Green

Another option for a healthy meal is from Sweet Green. Consider it your best friend as its menu items are all prepared from locally grown organic farms where the Salad bowls and grain bowls are completely customizable. From spicy to creamy the Food chain lets nature lead with essentially limitless possibilities. Don’t miss out on the Kale Caesar Salad which includes Roasted chicken, tomatoes, parmesan crisps, shredded kale, shaved parmesan, with a dash of lime juice and Caesar dressing. High on protein, but if you are counting your calories then opt out of the dressing.

  • Panera Bread

Nutritionists recommend Panera Bread as their menu is chock-full of healthy foods from freshly baked breads to soups with cream tomato and French onion among the top winners. Some of our go-tos include their lentil-Quinoa bowl with chicken broth bowl adding up to 390 calories. To meet the increasing demand for delivery, the restaurant has partnered with Doordash to have your order delivered right at your doorstep. Using the Doordash coupons all the Panera Bread fans can grab some exclusive deals with discounts up to 20% off while placing their order.

  • Subway

Subway comes to mind when you think “healthy”. Go on for some great nutritional choices with their salad bowl filled with a blend of chicken, turkey, roasted beef mixed along with your choice of greens. Skip mayonnaise or salad dressing and opt for some smarter choices from their heart-healthy fresh fit menu loaded with avocado, lettuce or spinach, shredded carrots, green peppers which are also worth considering.

Restaurants attract the foodies by great offers, and the food delivery apps make your life easier and healthier by offering gourmet experiences with its $7 discount on your order while placing order through the UberEats app.

  • Applebee’s

Portion control is very important, and your taste buds can be pleasantly surprised by keeping your meal under control by ordering Applebee’s lighter fare like the Cedar-Grilled lemon chicken and Thai Shrimp salad served with tomatoes, spinach and mushroom which go a long way to satiate your hunger pangs.

If you are ordering for a quick bite this foodie joint has plenty of options to choose from southwest chicken bowl to Tex-Mex Shrimp bowl for calorie appropriate portions.

  • Lyfe Kitchen

Variety is the spice of life and foodies can think healthy and opt for nutritive options to balance their meals and Lyfe Kitchen is just the place to be to order tons of vegan and gluten-free choices besides the menu staples like pancakes, flatbreads, burger, wraps being the best bet in terms of calories, saturated fat and proteins.

With a wide assortment of super healthy options to boot this chain is quietly gaining steam since its inception is 2011.

  • Noodles and Company

Are you fond of Spaghetti? This chain is full of surprises with a whole bunch of pasta dishes of every stripe. So you get a mix of Asian, American and Mediterranean flavors. While there are certainly plenty of unhealthy items in their menu, if you are craving something more indulgent like Pad Thai you can go in for the 550 calories version instead of a dish that normally serves 1000 calories.

If you are ordering for the first time then don’t forget to avail the $10 exclusive online discount via Grubhub app.


All that searching must have definitely left you famished and while there’s no shortage of good-for-you eateries, it’s really no surprise that healthy restaurants are one of the quickest growing sectors in today’s times of which some are serving up grub that resembles the type of wholesome stuff we’d cook ourselves. And that’s not all, with modern smart devices and abundant food delivery apps the whole process of ordering has become even more convenient and affordable.

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