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Top 3 free slot machines with Native American themes



Gambling is a wonderful world filled with experiences, defeats and loud victories. How many cases are known about large losses and fabulous winnings. People are rarely interested in the history of the origin of the ancestor of modern slot machines-the emulator. The moment when you press the “start” or “play” key, and start to follow the spin of the reels with fascination, is impossible to compare with anything.

Native American-themed games are especially popular with Native Americans. Each of them is attracted by the bright feathers in their hair, rock paintings and mysterious markings.

America is considered the birthplace of basketball, because the Indians who lived at that time made prototypes of modern rubber balls. It is commonly believed that the mohawk is an extravagant hairstyle inherent in informal trends. However, this is not the case.

Native American tribe that had their own constitution created by seashells. The Indians made magnificent handmade masks, mesmerizing with their beauty. The coloring pages they created were distinguished by interesting stories. Artists created unique coloring pages with individual, non-repeating subjects. The Indians revered the albino bison, considering them the personification of beautiful women. It is about the bison that many stories and legends are composed.

In today’s world, Native Americans are sometimes associated with gambling. The fact is that in Native American reservations, casinos are practically the main form of income. There are many such casinos. But not everyone has the opportunity to visit them. It is for this reason, you can feel the spirit of the game in the casino natives, playing in an online casino. Here you can find themed slots that are simply mesmerizing in their design. It is worth noting the fact that it is best, before choosing to play such slots, read the online casino reviews. Thus you can choose the most suitable and convenient for themselves.Below, you will see a brief review of three popular slots with Native American themes.

Chief Slot Machine

On the screen you will see a blue sky with snow-white clouds, golden sand with mighty cacti. Mountains and forests spread out ahead — a real paradise for hiding bandit groups. Go in pursuit of a big win, having decided on two criteria: the number of active lines and the amount of the bet.

There are 20 active paylines in this slot machine, which increases the possibility of getting a big win. A bet on a small amount will allow you to get a small win. Solid payouts can only be counted on with significant bets.

Decide on the amount of the bet and start an exciting pastime today!

White Wolf Slot Machine

The White Wolf is a slot machine with five reels and ten active paylines. The images on the main screen are placed in three rows.

It is allowed to place bets of the same size on one, three, five, seven or ten lanes. From one to twenty coins are accepted for each position. If you decide to play this game, you will be immersed in the magical atmosphere of the wild forests. The sand tones that prevail in the design of the slot machine are very pleasant to the eye.

Simple images become advantageous when they are placed on the active line in the form of a continuous chain of identical elements starting from the first column on the left. Most characters require at least three of them, but for some, two are sufficient.

All the money received for the round can either be taken away or put on the line in the game of odds. In it, you need to guess the color of the card. If the answer is correct, the payout is doubled. If an error occurs, the user loses the bid. You can play in a row until the maximum is reached. There is no margin for error.

The reels of the video slot feature Indians in national costumes, animals of North America, various objects related to the theme of the game, as well as colorful letters and numbers that indicate the card denominations.

Special elements are Wild (white wolf) and Scatter (eagle totem). They perform the following functions:

  1. Wild is able to form combinations by itself, and can also replace other images, with the exception of scatters, in paid chains, if necessary. In such cases, it increases the coefficients twice.
  2. The Scatter is not linked to the active lines and is paid regardless of the location on the screen. In this case, the winnings are calculated based on the total bet per spin. From three scatters that fall somewhere on the screen, you are entitled to participate in fifteen free spins.

In them, the casino puts money for the client. The bet amount and the number of active lines remain the same. All payouts in this round are tripled. In addition, an alternative set of symbols is used during free spins.

There is also a progressive jackpot, which allows you to become the owner of an impressive amount of money. To do this, you need to play the bonus round. It can appear at any time. In this draw, twelve cards appear on the additional screen. They need to be opened in random order. When three cards of the same suit are collected, the client will get the corresponding jackpot.

Buffalo Slot Machine

The Buffalo slot machine is designed to be played on any device. After clicking the “free game” button, the slot machine loads. You do not need to register or install additional software on the device. The main symbols are images of animals that live in this area. This slot game features great graphics with great image detail.

At the bottom of the slot you will find buttons that allow you to control the gameplay. Check out the information about the game, the payout coefficients and the rules.


Slot machines with an ancient Indian theme attract the attention of a large number of players. You will plunge into the ancient atmosphere of America. You will love the bright, realistic graphics, simple controls, and impressive payouts. If you are a fan of the Indian theme, then read this review and choose the game that suits you.

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