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How Important Is A Good Charging Handle?



The AR-15 has become one of the latest tactical gear for a fine machine piecing a distant target through a single precise shot in an instant. Thus, there’s no doubt as to why people seem to be hypnotized by its appearance.

However, most gun users overlook that upgrading their AR-15 charging handle is crucial for clearing their rifles from malfunctioning. And this could be owed to the lack of understanding of its delivered benefits.

Why it’s important

If you’re a beginner in using this type of gun, there’s no need to be shy about your inexperience.

However, you should know that the charging handle is responsible for the manual loading and unloading of the bolt groups, including clearing any stoppages, such as stovepipes, double feeds, or inability to fire.

By using the chamber checks, you get to ensure that the round has been chambered and there were no obstructions before doing your shot.

How to properly use it?

If you’ve decided not to upgrade your rifle or are confused about how to correctly use the tool, you may encounter issues such as:


  • Latch breaking
  • Increased wear and friction
  • Twisting or turning the handle out of shape

Yet if you’re wondering about the proper functioning of the charging handle, just be aware that you’re required to use your dominant hand in maintaining a firm grip on the rifle as your support hand tries to operate the charging handle.

Don’t forget to use your supporting hand’s index finger to unlatch before making an aggressive motion in pulling back the handle with your thumb positioned on the rear center.

As soon as the handle becomes full-extended, you have to release it without your hand blocking the bolt group’s shift forward.

Once you do this, you’ll understand why it’s vital to upgrade this component to guarantee that your rifle is ready to use and fully functional at all times.

Keep in mind that you need the opposite hand to grasp the handle better in conducting a chamber check.

What are my options?

Like other gun accessories, there are a variety of options that you get to choose from.

On the other hand, it’s best to keep your choices open to particular types that would significantly improve the rifle’s performance, along with providing you with the much-needed comfort in using the AR-15.

A few models you can try are:

Geissele 5.56 Super Charging Handle

This model has a heightened rear lip with a minimal dust blowback when shooting a suppressed gun. Apart from this, it has an excellent checkered surface that is a nice touch in preventing slippage accidents if you’re using gloves.

Moreover, it has a dual contoured lever, which is an ideal feature both for right-handed people in maneuvering the handle and left-handed individuals in shooting their targets.

Overall, this has a smooth manipulation, has a quality design, and is easier to install than its peers. Though, it’s best to remember that this is a bit heavier.

Vltor Charging Handle

This one is an excellent option because the manufacturers guarantee that its design could support the pressure of the force that would be applied to its body.

As you could imagine, this minimized the possibility of roll pin or latch breakages, along with being modeled from the solid 7075-T6 aluminum and a class 2 hard coat finish.

Frankly, this is the perfect deal for someone looking forward to upgrading their gear but doesn’t want something that could break their bank.

Also, this is capable of tolerating activities involved in home defense, battle drills, and hunting targets.

It’s still worth noting that the suitable option for you depends on several factors, yet this doesn’t eliminate the truth that charging handles would improve your performance, especially if you’re searching for an opportunity to turn yourself into a professional.

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