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Overlooked Historical Moments That are Actually Important



History is of course, a never ending story that gets re-written, retold and sometimes forgotten sadly. Nevertheless, no matter how little or how small, all these small moments in some way shaped the future that we are living today. Sure, you can walk through a museum and browse those forgotten chapters, reacquaint yourself through the assemblies of a curator’s vision, but nothing ever sinks in better than reading it, does it? We decided to provide you with exactly that down below. Cup of tea at the ready, it is time to travel through the ages, and all its small intricate moments of history.

Gambling is thousands of years old

Yes way! While okay, there were not any betting schools, nor betting sites available to stream online-that we know, Ancient China holds the oldest records to gambling and the use of fundamental lottery principles. Dating back to 2300 B.C, historians have uncovered tiles unearthed from multiple historical sites across the Silk Roads. While the picture can never be certain, it has been concluded that traders used such tiles to gamble with locals, as they passed through towns on their journeys.

Printing technology had to be redeveloped

Before books were printed on a mass scale, the printing mechanism at a publishing house was all compiled by hand, using printing blocks. The entire process was long and time-consuming. Every letter had to be intricately carved, so that stories could be carried and held within libraries of course. Before separate letters were created, the invention consisted of print blocks with already generated words. This evolution into single letters, made production far quicker, magical, right? Where would great tales like Harry Potter, or Games of Thrones actually be today without it? Just think, those cosy weekends with a great book and amazing coffee, would never actually have happened so prominently if it wasn’t for inventions like these!

Remember the Aztecs?

The Aztecs are possibly the most overlooked society within history. While they were far from primitive, at the height of their community, the size of cities equated to the likes of London and Istanbul. Their entire city was built on an artificial island too (yes really). While they were dropped ahead of their time due to an obliteration of culture, it is not too hard to believe, considering they were so obsessed with sacrilege and sacrifice. Once that part is overlooked, their principles of agriculture, irrigation, calendar systems, and creation of land were a game changer to society today. They built the fundamentals necessary for societies down the line.

There is another wall like the Great Wall of China

If you are a true history fan, you will probably already know this for sure. However, if you do not, Hadrien’s wall is worth looking up. The wall is from the north point of England, to the East of Scotland, in east Bowness. At 73 miles long in total, it has existed since the early Roman Empire. Built by the emperor Hadrien, he was apparently fearful of going beyond the border of the walls to invade. After much counsel and advice, he decided to take the plunge and send a legion north. Sadly, they were never seen nor heard of again.

Many people today venture there on hikes amongst the landscapes, however did you know that there is an actual hike that covers the entire wall distance of 73 miles, and many people train months on end to be adequately fit for the entire journey. Trekking over 11 to 25 miles a day, it is one of the most challenging and gruelling walks across all of the UK.

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