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Maintenance of Water Heaters



Caring about domestic appliances, vehicle is a normal thing that people do as a ritual or routine. One may spend hours washing the car, and checking the engine, while other people clean their kitchen for the whole day to make everything look brilliant. The same story applies to our water heaters that require support, and care, strange it may sound. If your propane water heater or another type of this unit struggles with proper running, it alerts you about the maintenance. Learn how to maintain the units by finding a contractor or alone. You may also choose to buy a home appliance insurance as it could provide peace of mind that your water heater would be covered and receive professional service promptly if it were to break down.

Most Common Malfunctions of Water Heaters

Let’s first start by identifying the results of no or poor maintenance. Most of them can be easily fixed alone, while some require you “finding a contractor” like Contractorfinder to prolong the lifespan of the unit.

#1 You See That There Is No Water Flow

One of the most common issues users of a tankless propane water heater or electric unit may come across is no hot water at all. The issue will greatly depend on the fuel. For instance, with electric units, your purchased water heater does not receive enough or any power at all. You have to overlook the circuit breaker and check whether tripped or not. If yes, finding a contractor is not necessary. You have to switch it off only and switch it back on again. If the fuse is blown, you have to replace it.

The next step is to overlook the cut-off. You have to open the panel and press the button RESET. Check if you have water now.

Another reason for no hot water is that you might have a broken heating element. Test them all, and replace them if applicable.

Speaking of gas water heaters, you have to check whether the valve is open. If not the problem, the issue may lay in the faulty pilot or the burner.

#2 Not Enough Water

There are events when your solar hot water heater might not produce enough hot water.

If your unit is classified as storage one, the issue might be the size of it which is not enough for your needs. For instance, the tank might be too small to meet the needs of all your family members who require hot water simultaneously. By finding a contractor, you can replace it and choose the model which will ideally suit your family members.

Another case is when the unit produced enough hot water but then suddenly stopped or no longer provides you with enough heat. The problem may lay in a faulty heating element. Again, you have to check it all and replace the elements if applicable.

Then, even with the best electric hot water heater, you may need to fix the thermostat. Turn it up to a higher setting.

#3 Too Hot Water Incoming

You might think that it is not an issue at all, however, it is per specialists. The problem is that your thermostat is set too high. All you have to do is to turn down the thermostat.

If it is not the problem (less likely), check the pressure valve since it can be faulty. In such cases, finding a contractor is essential because it might be dangerous.

#4 You Wait Too Long to Receive Hot Water

A possible reason for that is faulty heating elements. Then, it might be sediment build-up on the inner elements or a broken thermostat. You have to check them all and replace them if needed.

In case you have a gas unit, the problem might be a burner.

#5 Dirty Water Incoming

People are often scared to discover that they receive dirty water, however, it should not inspire any fear. You are most likely to experience a rust colour that is caused by corrosion found inside of the tank. Unfortunately, the only solution is to replace the tank. Another possibility is that you have a failing anode rod that should be replaced prior to setting up a new tank.

#6 Strange Noises

If you start hearing strange noises from your water heater, it might be a sign of a build-up of scale inside of the tank. Otherwise, the build-up of scale on the heating elements then provokes rumbling, banging sounds among others.

You have to drain the tank and descale it. To prevent such further issues, you should flush the tank fully every few months. What to do is the problem repeats again and again. By finding a contractor, it can be all solved forever. However, you are most likely to change the tank.

#7 Smelly Water

If you believe your water has a strange smell, you should flush your tunk and get rid of this problem. Otherwise, you can also try to boil the water to the maximum temperature in order to kill all the bacteria which may occasionally cause that smell.

As per the pros, one can also clean by using chlorine bleach. Once if the smell reminds you of a smell of rotten eggs, the problem might be a faulty anode rod which should be replaced only.

All in all, the issues might be different, and the above-mentioned ones are just an example of what users come across on a regular basis. Frankly speaking, you cannot always prevent their appearance because everything on this planet has its expiration terms and “health conditions” which deteriorate its running. By finding a contractor, and organizing regular checkups of your units, you only partially get rid of the problems. Then, you have to also be very careful when handling the units. It especially concerns the holders of solar water heaters which are expensive. For instance, if a panel is broken, the maintenance won’t save. So, try to set up the units far from the reach of children, and seniors who cannot control their behaviours. If you do not know how to maintain water heaters alone, abstain from doing it but call specialists.

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