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What Is Bet Regret Syndrome?



Both in Europe and in the United States also, there are more and more people who start gambling for the first time and the pandemic made avid gamblers turn to virtual betting once the casinos were closed for an indefinite period of time. The virtual media took the chance and made so many transformations of the actual betting process, that it’s almost a completely different world out there.

Being exposed to a video streaming service that is being offered now in this entertainment niche by more and more online entrepreneurs, makes betting fans stay in contact with their hobby even more than before. Having 24/7 easy access to a near-live updated stream of information is great except the over-exposure to the excitement provided by winning a bet has some less fortunate consequences. This is yet another modern example that proves the old saying right, “too much of a good thing can indeed be a bad thing”, sometimes.

In this article, you can find out why and what is the actual explanation behind the phenomenon for bet regret. Don’t mistake it for hot hand fallacy or gambler’s fallacy that makes people gamble like monkeys, a term coined in the casino world.

Definition And Causes Of Bet Regret

Gambler’s curse, gambler’s remorse or bet regret syndrome is that strong feeling of disappointment punters experience when they place a bet out of impulsivity or boredom. Their minds almost instantly start to disapprove of the decision and make them rethink the chances.

While most people tend to run away from any negative feeling, it is actually a sign of a healthy mental state to experience remorse when it comes to betting. According to a comprehensive neuroscientific study, the moment punters stop feeling any regret when placing a bet, it is a sign of anti-social behavior or entering the world of addiction, in the words of the coauthor of the study,  Robert Knight, a neurologist and UC Berkeley professor of psychology.

Alternate Solutions For Impulsive Betting

If you find yourself in any of the situations depicted above, you might want to consider developing a coping strategy in order to solve this issue. Being aware of your gambling routine is the first step. Just like shopping addiction, movies, or food binging, bet regret has many ways it can be solved and treated successfully. The following step after acknowledging the betting pattern should be that you consider alternatives to gambling, at certain times in your day. Applying the cold-turkey method can only lead to frustration and more sadness.

1. Frequent Pauses

Maybe you can take a 1-minute break and clear your head before tapping back into the betting app. If you constantly spend too much time dedicated to one activity is normal to make frequent mistakes or lose your focus. You can listen to a soothing song, take a walk, call a friend, whatever feels like interrupting your urge of placing the bet and keep the betting rhythm in check this way. Indiscriminate betting is not a wise winning strategy.

2. Strict Daily Schedule

Avoid being close to your PC or smartphone when you feel tired, bored, or getting close to fall asleep. These states can highly affect your impulses and you should instead dedicate your energy to relaxing activities. When the human brain is drained of energy it can lead people to act irrationally and they are more prone to bet online, place an online order for useless things they see advertised or scroll mindlessly through social media newsfeeds.

Final Thought

Being mindful and knowing what to do in case you or one of your gambling buddies experiences bet regret is a useful and a responsible sign for any person out there. In case you want to discover more in-depth information about this topic, there are so many resources available both for free and paid research, dedicated to the topic, that you will definitely get a good grasp on this subject.

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