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How to Renovate Your Living Room on a Budget?



A living room is central to a home, whether in function or in aesthetic. Most often than not, it’s the first room you get to see upon entering your abode. This is where you and your family relax and spend family time with one another, watching TV or having snacks. This is also where you sit guests down and have them feel welcomed. Furthermore, the way that it looks will tell what kind of upkeep you maintain within your property. So renovating or redesigning your living room to make it best should be high on your list as a homeowner. From using the right kind of cover for armchair, the right rug, the right accessories, and more, here are expert-verified tips on how to remodel your living room… on a budget.

1. The Floor Is King.

Interior designers are telling the world that what gains the least attention in a living room is actually what deserves the most of it— the living room floor. Let it be more than a surface that’s trodden upon. Use its expanse to upgrade the space’s overall appearance.

Rugs are all the rage in the design community today. And we’re not talking about small fit-for-a-pair-of-feet rugs. We’re talking about lengthy, distinctive carpets that are textured and are contrasting to the flooring and furniture colors.

Either let your furniture surround it, or have a coffee table close to its center, with long couches lined up right at its edges. This layout will instantly bring in “depth” and a welcoming aura.

2. How About Re-Upholstered Living Room Fixtures?

Instead of buying brand-new furniture, why not have your existing ones reupholstered? It’s a totally budget-friendly approach towards having fresh pieces of living room fittings. Only, think outside of the box in terms of design.

Intricate cuts? Leave that to the accessories (more on this below). “Block-type” in structure and in pigment is ideal. They give off a minimalist vibe whilst having a dash of modern chic. It will also allow you to decorate the rest of the place without having the pieces clash with your newly upholstered minimalist furniture. If you’re interested, you can learn how here.

3. Accessorize

Living rooms need accessorizing, too! Cushion types and cushion covers, coverlets, throw blankets (they’re not just for your bed), you name it. All of these work together to make or break your living room’s appeal.

Since it’s the first that we’re banking on, let your artistic self take the reins as you learn how to select colors that aren’t matchy-matchy. They don’t even have to be of the same shade as the couch itself. Or if they are, “throw” in some throw pillows that vary in hue.

Mix and match pigments and designs. This rule is best applied to sofa pillows as well. Let them be the stars of the show.

4. Light It Up With Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in building the ambiance of your living room. Utility lights shouldn’t be your sole choice for lighting fixtures. A low-key chandelier or unique pendant lights will immediately amplify the room’s facade, when the lights are on or when they’re off.

As an extra tip to staying economical with your living room makeover, let your windows shine. Rather, let the sunshine in. Bright windows translate to a brighter-looking space. And a well-lit space equals a room transformation that requires zero to add to your expense list.

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