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Jesse Watters Takes Readers Behind Enemy Lines In ‘How I Saved the World’



Fox News Commentator Offers Up How His Take On Worldly Views Have Shaped Modern Media

Jeff Walker, Book Review

He’s smug, often un-apologetic, and at times may consider himself the ‘golden boy’ of Fox News. Furthermore Jesse Watters is un-abashed, self confident, and judging by the comments on the back cover of his recent book ‘How I Saved the World’, Watters is not afraid of criticism or to expose his detractors.

In some 16 chapters and 280 plus pages Watters in his own satirical way divulges how he single-handedly (okay he had help) saved the world, in regards to journalism, the environment, Hollywood, the internet, primaries, elections, and even nude beaches, just to name a few. For those familiar with his diatribe Saturday nights on ‘Watters World’ and on ‘The Five’ weekdays, ‘How I Saved the World’ doesn’t drift to far out of Watters’ lane.

While it may not be as inspirational or thought provoking as some the books from his Fox colleagues, ‘How I Saved the World’, is entertaining and whimsical in true Jesse Watters fashion. By all accounts it’s a true chronicle on how Watters rescued and or fleshed out some of the biggest news stories over the past 15 years, debunking the falsehoods he suggests the liberal media and far left have offered up to superficial news junkies for years.

Cutting his teeth with Fox News, viewers became aware of Watters’ talent early on by becoming Bill O’Reilly’s (O’Reilly Factor) ‘man on the street’, sort of an impromptu in your face investigative journalist, never afraid to take on the establishment, big corporations, government, or the judicial system. Half of his book deals with the trials and tribulations Watters had to succumb to in the name of justice.

Nothing is off limits in ‘How I Saved the World’, as Watters recalls 15 years of semi-aggressive, at times confrontational, and occasional intrusive fact finding missions, all in support of uncovering the truth. His run-ins with quasi celebrities such as Rosie O’Donnell, CNN’s Don Lemon, and White House press corps under the Obama administration are particularly amusing.

Watters is not detered by A-list celebs as well, having stared down or rubbed elbows with Robert Redford, George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, and Robert DeNiro, asking the Hollywood elite about global warming, the middle east, and Obamacare. While a few in La-La Land may be congenial, several Watters encounters are indignant if you don’t agree with their politics, or ask about their latest movie. Catching them off guard is genius.

Capturing the absurdity rich and powerful exercise while vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard is equaling comical, and a great lead in to how Watters saved nude beaches. Very revealing (pun intended). Exposing (another pun) a Florida nudist colony as a liberal playground, where barely (one final pun) nothing is off limits for free thinking radicals hell bent on debauchery is another rare gem in his book.

Shocking enough are the chapters dealing with how uneducated protesters are when it comes to world events, and what’s happening on the streets right here in America. Not all those who rally are fully informed, and Watters blames the internet, mainstream media, cannabis, big government, AOC, and the Squad among others. His arguments are compelling.

Much of the final chapters of ‘How I Saved the World’ are ripe with irony. Consider the party aligned with Bill Cosby, Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, and Bill Clinton are accusing republicans for waging a ‘war on women’. Liberal Hollywood and carefree Washington DC make for odd pairings, but are just another example how those with influence and power easily corrupt the masses.

What Watters has discovered during his time at Fox News is not earth shattering, but another reminder how shallow the one percent and misguided politicians are. They live in a bubble, saying one thing while doing another. While AOC and Al Gore are opining over the Green New Deal and climate change, they are among the biggest abusers. The left’s hypocrisy in not new, but Watters brings it to the forefront, by working as he says behind enemy lines.

Tolerant drug addictions, lax immigrations standards leading to the death of Kate Steinle, willful abuse of taxpayers money in some of the once prominent cities in America are but a few topics revisited in ‘How I Saved the World’. Watters doesn’t suggest the blame falls solely on the left, but that their party is adding massive amounts of fuel to the fire that we may not be able to extinguish.

Without a doubt the most precious pages (20 in all) are found in chapter 13 ‘How I Saved My Mom’s Texts’. I feel certain Jesse and his mother share an unconditional love for one another, but politically they couldn’t be any further apart. Since his time on ‘The Five’, his mother often critiques Watters’ remarks, sending cutting commentary while he’s on the air.

The panel found the texts so humorous, Watters started using them during his final ‘One Last Thing’ segment. Whether chiming in on gun control issues, disdain for President Trump, Hillary’s emails, Putin, Kavanaugh, face masks, and the CDC, Watters’ mother has much to offer her son on diplomacy, as well as personal grooming and on camera attire. It’s an acerbic look into a loving house divided, and a great addition to the book.

‘How I Saved the World’ is an easy and absolute fun read, ideal for lying by the pool or at the beach. It’s light-hearted, yet it touches a nerve. Watters doesn’t proclaim to be journalistic messiah, rather in his first ever book he simply chronicles a 15 year journey that has him seeking the truth, no matter what lengths he has to take to find it.

Whether or not you’re a fan of Fox News, or give a hill of beans about Jesse Watters, ‘How I Saved the World’ offers up some intriguing back stories. Readers are allowed access to several behind the scenes liberal agendas, that could be potentially dangerous to both democrats and republicans alike. Read with an open mind, and remember this is Jesse Watters and welcome to ‘how he saved the world’.

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