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The New Fun Way to Celebrate Parties and Corporate Events



When we think of celebrating parties, the usual plan is to make it fun and exciting through playing parlor games and other activities. Some birthday parties are even entertained by magicians and clowns, but somehow, it becomes repetitive. It’s also the same with team building and corporate parties.

Moreover, the preparation for parties and events can be tiring, time-consuming, and quite expensive. But what if I tell you that there is a way to skip all the party preparations and just enjoy the event? Yes, there is! If you’ve had enough repetitive parlor games during birthdays and corporate parties, it’s time for a change of venue. It’s time to bring the party in the timezone!

Yes, it is the time zone that you know, the time zone that is filled with fun arcade games and fantastic prizes that your kids will surely love. It will also bring nostalgia to your whole team and bring out the child in them. Here are the perks that you can enjoy and experience when you choose this unique place for various parties:

Perks of Celebrating Parties in a Timezone

  • Fun & Engaging

Say no more to the never-ending trip to Jerusalem and stop dance games during parties. Instead, it’s time to say yes to fun arcade games and activities. Your kids and their friends will surely get the most fun for an affordable price of the party packages. The Timezone management will usually manage the birthday parties with exciting state-of-the-art arcade games and fantastic prizes for the participants.

Time Zone is also an excellent venue for most of the Ayala Center Cebu corporate events to make every party as engaging as possible. The company teams can enjoy playing arcade games, bowling and chill on the massage chairs because parties don’t have to be very exhausting; it can also be a great time to relieve stress and relax.

  • Hassle-free Events

Booking parties is the most convenient and efficient way to hold any kind of party. You will not have to worry about planning everything and managing the party because it’s usually handled by the management. It will be less worry for the parents because everything will be taken care of, starting from hosting, managing the games for kids, and prizes. It’s also a huge relief for team leaders to plan and execute the event.

  • Affordable Prices

Although the party packages may vary depending on factors like the branch of the timezone and package inclusions, the price range is affordable. The price range usually caters maximum of 30 guests for birthday parties and 24 guests for corporate events. You can know more about the party packages here.

Timezone always depicts a fun environment because of the engaging arcade games and leisure activities that we can find here. So, it’s surely an excellent venue for parties to double the fun and excitement of everyone.

Let’s do a time-out on the typical party themes filled with parlor games and repetitive activities by holding the party at the timezone. Let’s make it the new party venue!

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