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Making Crepe Cake for Beginners Made Easier



Are you a lover of cake? Then you must have heard of crepe Cake that is quite unique compared to regular cake. This is because it’s made of a pile of crepes, some properly whipped cream, and a couple of fresh berries. They usually appear very sophisticated with a frosting that is so creamy yet so delicate. Ever made a crepe cake before? Below is a step-by-step crepe cake recipe for first-timers.

For the equipment, you’ll need a blender to mash and mix all the ingredients together and a functional pan. A spatula will also come in handy in helping you turn the crepes over. For this particular recipe, we are going to use 15 crepes.


1 Cup of baking flour

1 Cup of milk

1/2 Cup of water

4 eggs

2 tablespoons of crushed sugar

4 tablespoons of melted butter

A pinch of salt

Crepe cake frosting Ingredients

12 oz of condensed, sweetened milk

1 Cup of butter(unsalted)

2 tablespoons of vanilla

8 oz cheese cream

The butter and cheese should be softened at room temperature.

Making Crepes

  1. Put the ingredients in a blender, starting with the half cup of water(warm), the milk, the four eggs, the melted butter, pinch of salt, and the sugar. Proceed to blend the mixture to the desired consistency and place it aside.
  2. Place your pan on moderate heat and add some butter to it. Proceed to add three tablespoons of butter and spread it evenly around the pan. Allow it to saute for 5 seconds before flipping the other side until it’s lightly golden brown. Remove them and place them on a flat surface and let them cool.

Making Crepe Cake Frosting

  1. Add butter to a bowl and beat it up to a fine consistency. Proceed to add condensed milk and continue beating it up for seven minutes.
  2. Add the 8 oz of the cream cheese to the mixture above, a drop at a time, as you mix at a fast pace. Continue mixing it up for three minutes.

Making of the Crepe Cake

  1. Place a layer of crepe on a flat surface and add three tablespoons of the frosting, and spread evenly. A high concentration of frosting should be avoided as it could lead to the layers slipping off. Repeat that for the subsequent crepe layers, laying one on top of the other till the fifteen layers are over; if berries are being added, whether blueberries or raspberries, be sure to cut them into thin slices before adding them. Also, place them after the layer of frosting has been laid to ensure they properly stick.
  2. Before placing it in a refrigerator for firming, you make sure to dust off the extra dust to make it ready for consumption. You can then proceed to add glamour to your cake by placing fresh berries on top. Place it in a fridge for about five hours to ensure proper firming of the frosting and that everything stays in place when cutting.
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