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Alcohol services in Singapore



Most people love to enjoy their favorite whisky or vodka from the comfort of their homes after a long day of work. Sometimes, the urge to drink may come up at a time when it’s already late and there is no open store to buy the drinks. Alcohol delivery in Singapore has made it easy for individuals as they can now order any drink online and get it delivered to their doorstep. The online delivery has a wide variety of quality hard liquor, beers, wines, and whiskeys that people can order at affordable prices.

Services for events and bulk purchases

Alcohol delivery in Singapore has made the planning of any kind of event more efficient. The service covers various events that include birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, seminars and conferences, barbeques, romantic dates, beach parties, and much more. You are only required to make your order or request and the online delivery service will do the rest including the delivery of drinks, matching themes, and serving the guests at your event. The alcohol delivery extends even to those individuals running bars, clubs, or restaurants in Singapore.

Some of the event services that you can seek from the alcohol delivery in Singapore include;

  1. Estimation of the amount of alcohol necessary for your party or event
  2. Recommend a diverse and distinct drinks selection for your event.
  3. Providing and assisting with drink pairings following your event’s theme.
  4. Providing ice and ice boxes
  5. Bartending and DJ service.
  6. Customizing and wrapping gifts
  7. Returning unconsumed drinks to reduce wastage

Delivery services

The alcohol delivery in Singapore is usually handled by a delivery team who carry out the duties of packaging and shipping of drinks. They ensure that what you order is delivered in the perfect condition at your home. The delivery service makes the sale of alcohol much easier and convenient. There are various delivery services that individuals can pick from to get their orders. These include;

  • Express delivery for urgent orders.
  • Same day delivery
  • Next-day delivery
  • Sundays and public holidays delivery
  • Self-pick up

Additionally, cancellation of orders is allowed provided that it is made on time. Returns are also allowed in such cases as damage upon delivery or even a change of mind.

How to avoid a failed delivery

The following are simple tips that can help you avoid a failed delivery of your alcohol in Singapore;

  1. Always double-check your mailing address and, if applicable, your unit number.
  2. Make sure you provide a contact that can be reached for delivery.
  3. Ensure you leave a note or email whenever you’re unavailable during the delivery window.
  4. Always inform the delivery service if they can leave your order when unavailable.

Benefits of alcohol delivery service

Alcohol delivery in Singapore comes with a lot of benefits and some of them include;

  1. Helps in saving time and the effort of going to a convenience store.
  2. Offers a lot of convenience for instance individuals don’t have to leave a party to go buy alcohol and leave the guests alone.
  3. Ordering your drinks from an online store is free.
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