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A Review Of The Tudor Pelagos



If you’re looking for a diver’s watch of the highest-end then the Tudor Pelagos is the watch for you. It features the greatest depth rating. The watch is made with top-notch materials and it features the very first in-house Tudor movement. When you see this watch, you’ll instantly be attracted to its matte blue look. If you want to know more about this particular Tudor model, then you’ll benefit greatly from reading this review. Is the watch worthy of its price? Should you get tis watch instead of another model or brand? You’ll be able to answer these questions and more when you read this review.

The name Pelagos is a Greek word that means sea. You can trace the history of this watch to the Tudor Submariner that was released in 1954. You may be surprised that the watch shares the name of the legendary Rolex timepiece. But that is because Tudor used to be a part of Rolex. And the original Tudor Submariner was very much similar to the Rolex Submariner. The Tudor Pelagos is directly inspired by a latter version of the Submariner that was released in the late 60s. Like the Pelagos, that model has a date. It’s also known as a Snowflake because its hands have a lot of right angles and it has square hour markers. You can see some of the features of this Submariner on the new Pelagos.

The Pelagos actually has a sibling and it’s called the Black Bay. It’s also a high-end diver’s watch but it’s more affordable. But some people prefer Black Bay over Pelagos because of its vintage vibe. That is something that the Pelagos doesn’t have. It has a more contemporary styling. The Pelagos is also the more rugged of the two. It’s also heavier and uses more advanced materials such as ceramic and titanium. It also has a helium escape valve, which is why it has a large depth rating. And as mentioned earlier, the Pelagos now uses Tudor’s first in-house movement. Black Bay, on the other hand, still uses the old movement.

The first thing that you’ll notice about the new Pelagos is its striking blue color. And it’s not the shiny blue that many people are used to. It’s matte blue. Both the dial and bezel of the Pelagos are made of non-reflective materials. It is unclear, however, what those materials are. But there is a reason for the choice of color. It’s said that the French Navy favored the color blue. But if you’re not into the color blue and prefer an all-black watch instead then you’re in luck.You can still find the original Pelagos, which comes in the all-black color.

For those who love color, however, the blue color of the Tudor Pelagos will be a hit. It really looks gorgeous and it stands out from the other luxury divers watches on the market today. The Pelagos is much more affordable than the Rolex Submariner but it doesn’t mean that it’s lower in quality.


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