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What Causes Frequently Increase the Eyeglass Prescription Numbers? Are They Preventable?



Are you observing a sudden change in your prescription eyeglass number? Or have you not seen your eye doctor in the last year? All these call for an eye exam right away. The growing technology and advancement in e-commerce and the internet has enabled us to order prescription glasses from the comfort of our homes. You can easily order next day prescription glasses with a few clicks on your computer’s screen. Some big names providing this service include Warby Parker, Overnight glasses, Zenni Optical, Eye Buy Direct, etc.

This article will discuss the specific causes due to which prescription glasses numbers change frequently and how to avoid it.

The Eye Prescription:

Do you know what does an eye prescription mean? Let me explain what those abbreviations mean on your eye prescription card. The OD and OS stand for Oculus Dextrus and Oculus Sinister, respectively. In layman terms, it refers to the right and left eye, respectively.

Sometimes while referring to both eyes, OU Oculus Uterque is written. Do you know that for shortsightedness (-), reading is used while for farsightedness (+) reading is used? This is the spherical or (SPH) reading you can see on your prescription card.

Similarly, CYL refers to the cylindrical power of the lens required, and AXIS refers to the axis correction. ADD is used in bifocal lenses, and PRISM is used to correct eye alignment issues.

The Change in Prescription:

As per medical science, if you are between the age of 18-25, the chances are you would be witnessing a frequent change in prescription readings. This variation in teenagers is quite normal and nothing to worry about. However, for age after 25 years, if a sudden variation is observed in prescription glasses, it is a sign of the need for eye care check-ups.

The Factors Affecting:

Let’s talk about the factors affecting the frequent changes in your eyeglasses prescription. Do you know aging is the foremost culprit deteriorating our eyes in this context? Following are the two ailments occurring due to age;

  • Macular Degeneration: In this particular disease, “the Macula,” a small spot in our retina responsible for our sight, is damaged. As the pigment change sets in the retina, it may lead towards; Wet Macular Degeneration or Dry Macular Degeneration. Apart from the age factor, genetics and race also contribute to AMD development (Age-related Macular Degeneration). Smoking also elevates the chances of AMD. Hence I would strongly advise you to stop smoking.
  • Cataracts: This is another common age-related disease, whereby you experience blurry vision, or cloudy eyesight, faded object colors, or too bright car headlights while driving at night. Do you know that conditions like diabetes, excessive smoking and drinking, extreme myopia, and exposure to ultraviolet light worsens Cataracts? You can easily defeat Cataracts by certain lifestyle changes.


Glaucoma is a problem in which the optic nerve connecting our eye to the brain is damaged. In this condition, the prescription eyeglass numbers frequently change as well. Patients will experience blurred vision as well as nausea, redness of eyes, or pain in this condition. Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) is a treatment for this disease.


Do you know that diabetes also affects your vision? This disease can lead to a damaged retina, and if the level of sugar remains uncontrolled in our body, total vision loss is suspected. Hence, it is wise to adjust your diet and lifestyle to avoid or manage diabetes.

What to Do in Case of Frequent Prescription Eyeglasses Change?

First of all, if you observe any problems with your vision, do not wait and right away go to an ophthalmologist to get your updated prescription glasses. You must visit your eye doctor periodically around the year to keep your eyes in good condition. The sudden changes in your prescription eye card occur due to the development of certain diseases as discussed above, including ge factor or certain changes in your diet or lifestyle. For instance, prolonged use of blue screens, exposure to UV light, and so on.

The Solution to this frequent change in eyeglasses prescription is to identify the root cause. It is advisable to consult a healthcare professional in this regard and follow the medication strictly. The doctor will help you with medicine, eye drops, ointments or may prescribe surgical treatments in case your eyes condition is very bad. Online prescription sunglasses retailers sell huge volumes and have very low overheads


As they say, “Better Safe Than Sorry,” it is advisable to stick to a healthy diet plan, exercise, and make sure your lifestyle is good. What will happen? As a result, you will face fewer eye-related complications. The periodic, frequent or irregular change in your prescription can not be totally avoided if it is a genetic disorder. However, if the root cause is your hygiene habit like smoking, drinking, or work-related things like excessive blue screen use, exposure to certain radiation, adhering to a smooth lifestyle will certainly help.

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