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Is Cash App Card a Reliable Alternative for Debit Cards Offered by Conventional Banks?



Let’s face it: The introduction of debit cards has made life so much easier. Now you don’t need to withdraw money from your bank account and carry it in your pocket when doing in-store shopping. Even if you don’t own a credit card, debit cards are all you need to make electronic money transfers.

Almost all the globally leading banks now issue debit cards to their account holders. You can use them to withdraw money at an ATM or pay at a restaurant, grocery store, and even for online purchases.

However, monetary transactions have seen a new turn in recent years. Now a larger number of users are turning toward peer-to-peer money transfers and e-wallets that work much like online bank accounts.

One such application that has our particular attention is Cash App. With amazing customer ratings and millions of active users, Cash App stands out from the rest of the payment apps.

Cash App Card vs Debit Cards 

Cash App comes with an impeccable debit card that works much like any card offered by the banks. You can reload the Cash App card at different locations and then use it to make online as well as in-store purchases.

Moreover, the card can be used to withdraw money at an ATM although the transaction may come with an extra fee.

The best part is that the Cash App card is loaded with security features that would otherwise require you to get a credit card. You can instantly disable the card, request for a new one, and freeze your account as per need.

Although Cash App has amazing features to offer without the card as well, the reloadable debit card really adds to the thrill of its use.

If you are new to this application, here are a few benefits of the Cash App card that should make you consider it above debit cards.

Discounts, Discounts, And More Discounts! 

Most cardholders are not aware that purchase of certain items on a Cash App card will always win you a discount. For example, you will get a dollar for every cup of coffee that you purchase with this card!

If a $1 discount isn’t enough for you then you will be glad to find out that there is more. Frequently, food services offer up to 10% discount to customers paying via Cash App debit card.

ATM Withdrawals Are Free 

Isn’t it disappointing to find out that you will have to pay a fee for taking out your own cash at an ATM? We understand that this can be annoying but with a Cash App card, you don’t need to worry about any ATM charges.

However, there is a condition involved.

ATM withdrawals are free only for the users who get $300 monthly paychecks.

In case you don’t fulfil the criterion, keep in mind that the fee for such withdrawal is just $2 which does not seem to be too outrageous as compared to some banks that may charge up to $10 for each ATM transaction.

It Supports Google Pay and Apple Pay

Cash App cards also lets you make payments at Google Pay and Apple Pay. You simply need to add it as an acceptable wallet at the other two platforms. The rest of the protocol is easy.

If you are having any trouble in getting this done, a couple of free tutorials on YouTube will prove to be helpful.

You Can Design a Card of Your Choice 

Some of us are into keeping pretty plastic in our wallets only. If the plain and boring silver debit cards don’t cut it for you then you are free to customize your own Cash App card design.

Open the applications and log in by providing your credentials. Then tap on Design New Card after which you can choose from a range of different designs, play with the theme, replace the logo, and edit your name, all for just $5.

Take-Home Message 

The need for a bank account to own a debit card sounds to be coming from a stone age now. It is 2021 and now you can have a reloadable prepaid card in your pocket if you are using the right money transfer application.

When it comes to such apps, the performance does not get better than Cash App! It is a handy, safe, and feature-rich money transfer app that can prove to be even more beneficial with its Cash App card.

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