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4 reasons that will convince you to spend your honeymoon in St. Petersburg



More and more newlyweds are choosing St. Petersburg as the destination for their honeymoon. And they have a good reason for it. The Russian port metropolis has a lot to offer and is not called the Venice of the North for nothing. We have a few reasons that will convince you to spend your honeymoon in St. Petersburg. Namely:

  • Feel the atmosphere of a fairytale

To give your honeymoon a fairytale touch, visiting the castles of Russia is just the thing. Very close to Saint-Petersburg, at a distance of about 30 kilometers, you will find two of them worth your attention. Peterhof Palace, built under Peter the Great at the beginning of the 18th century, is known as rival Versailles thanks to its different royal styles (Baroque, German, Russian, and Rococo). The palace is located on the Gulf of Finland. We have asked Russian brides on about St. Petersburg – and they said that The Catherine Palace in Pushkin was built a few years later, under Elizabeth I. It is famous for its Amber Room. What could be more magical and romantic on your honeymoon than a nice walk in the large park, where you will always encounter original buildings and architectural masterpieces? You and your beloved one will feel like the characters of Alice in Wonderland!

  • Enjoy the romantic aura of the city

Upon your return to Saint-Petersburg, you can explore the canals of this city while making a boat trip. Afterward, take a romantic walk on Vasilievsky Island, from where you will be able to enjoy a marvelous panoramic view of the city. Do not forget the classics that also boast royal attributes: the Hermitage, the Orthodox churches.

Even though Saint-Petersburg may seem the most suitable for your honeymoon in Russia, Moscow also has beautiful surprises to offer. There is nothing better than strolling hand in hand through Gorky Park after visiting the impressive sightseeings and ending the day by attending a ballet at the Bolshoi Theater. If you long for some quiet in this big city, you don’t have to look far. Just a few metros’ stops away, you will find one of the most beautiful monasteries in Russia, the Novodevichy Monastery.

  • Make it memorable and grandiose

We have asked Russian brides on about St. Petersburg – and they said it sounds really appealing to them. If you like to spend your honeymoon traveling off the beaten path, Russia, the largest country in the world, would be the ideal place. There you can discover wild areas and landscapes that will make you fall in love even more, but this time in this breathtaking country! The best opportunity to do this is to go to the island of Kishi. There is a museum and a nature reserve there -the part of the UNESCO World Heritage. In winter, just like in summer, you can admire the old wild trees and singing birds. You will be amazed by the architecture of the Transfiguration Church, built entirely without nails. There is nothing more magical for your honeymoon! If you still don’t have enough of Russian wonders, Siberia and Lake Baikal await you, never so close…

  • Watch the raising of bridges

As banal as it may be – but it remains the most romantic sight in all of St. Petersburg. Local couples and tourists consider the moment when the bridges are raised as magical. However, this was made so that cargo ships, when passing over the Neva, wouldn’t damage the bridge. By the way, there are 13 drawbridges in the city, and it is a schedule of their raising.

Viewing this spectacle is possible from several points. For example, you can choose a suitable place and combine it with a pleasant dinner.

If you want to get closer to the bridge, it is advisable to have a warm blanket with you. Since raising takes place at night when it gets chilly.

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