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Things We Can’t Wait to Do Once Restrictions Drop



It’s pretty widely accepted that the downsides to coronavirus have come in the shape of the restrictions imposed on everyone’s lives. Well, now as the vaccines continue to be rolled out and countries all over the world gradually ease themselves out of lockdown, we can sit back and consider exactly what it is we can look forward to doing once again.

Big Celebrations 

As weddings were cancelled and birthdays over Zoom became the norm, it is incredibly difficult to be able to cast our minds back to a time where we could get together in large crowds and celebrate something. Soon, we will be dancing the night away once again, singing happy birthday and welling up as people recite their vows.

Days Out

It’s not that we aren’t in a position to have a day out right now but there is something in spontaneity which COVID has taken away from us. Now, if we go for a day out, it has to be meticulously planned in advance to ensure everyone going will be able to attend.

It’s nice to look forward to a time where people will be able to go on a spontaneous day trip hiking, to the cinema, on long drives and not have to worry about potential restrictions or issues with friends having to isolate before doing so. It’s not long before people can welcome those days back with open arms.

Go To Casinos 

Thanks to sites such as, even as COVID held social engagements hostage, people have still been able to get their fix of casinos in some form. That being said, whilst the variety and quality of such sites is massive, there is nothing quite like the real thing. The atmosphere of a casino paired with the tension that comes with the games is something truly missed that people can’t wait to get back to.

A Proper Night Out 

There have been so many songs that were released in 2020 and 2021 that we haven’t been able to properly dance to yet because we have been unable to go on a proper night out. It has been far too long since people have had the chance to go out, dance until their feet get sore and then turn up late to work the next day. After such a stressful couple years, one thing that absolutely everyone needs is the ability to let their hair down again, which a good night out will certainly do.


When was the last time you hopped on a plane and jetted off to another country for your fix of sun? Once restrictions fully lift and people are able to travel to other countries again without fear of getting stuck or catching COVID, there is sure to be an influx of travelers desperate to top up their tans. The feeling of laying by the pool, sand between our toes and the hot sun baking down on us is never going to be taken for granted again.

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