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New Tech Trends in The Casino Industry in 2021



Over the last decade, the casino online market has experienced tremendous improvements thanks to new trends in the tech industry. As a result, players have witnessed new features added to games, moving the casino industry forward at the speed of light. These tech trends transforming the casino industry in 2021 include the following:

Improved Mobile Gaming

When online betting came to life in the early 2000s, most people saw it as the stuff of legends. Most players were impressed with the possibility of wagering on their favorite casino games at the comfort of their homes, although some were still skeptical about the safety of their money and the human touch that brick-and-mortar casinos offered. Nonetheless, the online gambling experience offered an entirely new experience to the gambling community.

Over time, technology allowed online bookies to rival the best casinos in Vegas, taking the industry to the next level. Over time, playing in front of a computer screen proved not to be enough for online casino gamblers, giving rise to mobile betting. That was all thanks to the proliferation of mobile technology. Today, mobile betting dominates at least 45% of the current market and it’s growing with no signs of slowing down thanks to the development of new technologies like 5G. As a result, the mobile gaming market is expected to rise by at least 14% every year by 2025.

AR & VR Gaming

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are two technologies that have proven to be strong allies to the casino industry. Virtual reality has created more immersive games in the casino market, while augmented reality has helped merge the virtual world with real-life experiences. Unfortunately, these two tech trends are yet to take over the casino market because of the expensive equipment required to experience the immersive gameplay they offer.

While there are still several years before this trend hits the mainstream casino industry, you can definitely expect these tech trends to shape the future of the gambling market. That’s mainly because players are continuously seeking more immersive experiences that land-based casinos are struggling to offer.

Blockchain Innovations

Besides allowing players to maintain their anonymity when gambling online, blockchain innovations are offering numerous benefits to both bettors and casino operators. The technology guarantees fair gambling for the players, as the records are immutable and transparent for everyone involved. Even better, blockchain technology has proven affordable to implement for casino operators, unlike custom software that requires regular updating at a steep price tag.

Cloud Gaming

We all know that gaming can be expensive, especially since modern games require specialized equipment. Fortunately, cloud gaming is changing all that by allowing you to access your favorite games with a stable internet connection. That means you don’t need to download your favorite game or buy its updated version.

With cloud gaming, players can store their game data on the cloud and resume their last session on any device. That translates into smoother access to your favorite games, zero hardware updates, and excellent game interactions based on the latest updates. It also keeps you away from distractions while giving you a better gaming experience, although you might need a stable internet connection.

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