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How Sports Bettors Migrated to Social Slots During COVID-19



The outbreak of COVID-19 has shut down the entire world. Ground-based casinos are left with shut-off slot machines, hotels struggle with empty hotel rooms, and every business deals with arising concerns regarding keeping consumers engaged with their brands.

However, online social gaming services have never been more popular than today, especially those that provide freemium online casino games. In the world of the coronavirus pandemic, online casinos turn to every solution they can come up with to foster and maintain brand recognition and player loyalty.

Today, online casino fans can easily log on to online social casinos to tap into a wide selection of virtual casino games, including social slots. Social slots are typically designed to offer players free virtual chips and provide them with opportunities to obtain more free credits by playing their favorite slot games via free chip replenishment.

That’s how social slots have gained in importance thanks to COVID-19. Let’s see what it means for online slot players.

How betting looked before and after COVID-19

Before COVID-19, casino enthusiasts and those who love the fun of casino games had two simple options when it comes to betting – play casino games online via online casino websites or visit a ground-based casino for a real-life experience.

Since online casino games are much more convenient and available 24/7 for free, many people turned to the online alternative to ground-based betting. The moment COVID-19 paralyzed the world and left it in a dormant state, casino enthusiasts were left with only one choice – to play their favorite slot games online.

That’s how social casinos became more important than ever. Since new health mandates require social distancing and isolation, casino enthusiasts turned to social slots that can provide many fantastic rewards, loyalty programs, and the opportunity to play a vast selection of slot games for free.

HouseofFun free slot machines make for the best example of how convenient, available, and engaging social slots can be.

The ever-increasing popularity of social slots

Social slots are so popular for many different reasons. Let’s review some of them.

Social slots are incredibly convenient and accessible

Thanks to being available online, social slots are incredibly convenient and widely accessible. You can enjoy your favorite slot games with your friends whenever and wherever you are, 24/7.

On top of that, there are so many social slots that you can try for free, such as Slotomania free online slots that you can play without spending a dime. The best part is that all you need to play is an internet connection and an internet-enabled device.

The variety of social slots is endless

Social slots come in so many different variations that it’s quite easy to lose count. If you do your research on the internet, you’ll come across countless social casinos offering thousands of online slots of all sorts of designs, themes, etc.

More importantly, since social slots are available on social media platforms, you can keep all your favorite games in one place and play whenever you feel like it. If you get tired of some game, simply find another one.

You can play social slots for free

Most social and online casinos offer their slot games free of charge. Say you’re new to online slots, you’ve never played them before, but you feel like giving them a try. It’s understandable that you would want to test a game before deciding to risk your money.

That’s how you can try countless slot games for free and get to know them well before you visit an online casino and decide to play for real money.

Social slots offer various bonuses and huge jackpots

Social slots are available for free, and they are quite rewarding to play. Playing social slots allows players to tap into a wide range of bonuses, freebies, rewards, extra credits, and so much more.

They also allow players to win huge jackpots that only contribute to the sheer excitement of spinning the reels. For all these reasons, social slots can be a great pastime and really fun to play, as explained in this article.


Social slots are designed to provide players with an immersive gaming experience and keep them engaged by offering free spins, discounts, rewards, and various bonuses. They provide each player with an exceptional and immersive user experience.

Social casinos constantly update their social slots, adding fantastic graphics, new animations, and sound effects, advanced gamification, pop-ups, and other different aspects of the game to keep the players returning. Thanks to the rise of social media platforms, social slots became even more popular, especially during COVID-19, when people are forced to stay at home.

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