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Online Gambling will be soon legal in most of the United States



After a year and a half of suspended sporting events, this year the major ones such as the Eurocup or the Olympics are grabbing not only the attention of the media, but also filling squares, bars and stadiums with people extremely happy to relive the excitement aroused by the tournaments.

Naturally, there are those who inject an extra dose of excitement into these events by placing bets on the results, showing this way their unconditional support for their favorite teams and athletes. However, this practice is not legal in all of the United States and the situation is complex. In order to be safe, in this article we tell you about the states in which online sports betting is allowed, on which it is not, and where it is currently discussed.

States where someone can legally bet on sports

Whether someone is a resident or not, there are certain states in the United States where laws have been passed legislation to allow the safe and legal practice of online sports betting. Placing bets from any of these states is possible, so if someone has friends or family in some of these places, now has another reason to visit them. Thus, these states are: Oregon, Montana, Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Tennesse, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and  New Hampshire.

States where a bill has already been introduced to make it legal

Nevertheless, there are some other States that do not allow their residents to bet and are not sure about making it a legal practice or not, such is the case of Texas where it is still being discussed, and with some hope, in November this year Texas will join this list or keep waiting.

The other States with a similar situation are: California, North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts.

States where is not allow to online bet on sports

On the other hand, there are other states in which gambling of this style continues in the shadows and is considered illegal, except if the case is retail only. Such is the case of: New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

What experts think will be the future in the coming years

As we have seen, there are many states that depend on the approval of a law for the practice of online sports betting to be considered legal. If passed in all of these states, by the end of 2023 most of the United States would be making it legal.


Society has changed, and many subjects that were previously considered taboo are now being given an opportunity to normalize among the population. The way to make this a reality is to implement laws that make these clandestine practices safe. In this way, gambling addictions can be detected and controlled in time, as well as better prevent minors from having access to online games. In short, it is an action that favors the States but that, nevertheless, takes time to become a reality.

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