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Tips to Renting Storage While Moving



There are multiple professional moving services a Charleston moving company may offer. And storage is one of them. While everybody wants to save some bucks while moving, sometimes some services like professional packing and unpacking, and storage are inevitable.

It is always possible to do everything by yourself if you start early and are well-organized but it is not easy, especially if you still have other responsibilities like work, house chores, school, and kids. There are lots of things to take care of like finding packing materials, decluttering and organizing, packing and unpacking, and more.

Sometimes you find a lot of things that you don’t use anymore and of course, there is no point in carrying this to your next house. For these reasons, you may need to rent temporary storage to keep them safe. Here are some types to rent storage while moving;

Find a Moving Service that Offers Storage

The best and cheapest way to deal with storage service while you are moving is just finding a moving service that offers storage as well. This will not only save you time for searching and negotiating with a storage company but also keep the storage cost down.

Some moving companies offer discounts on some services. Some give you a discount for the more services you are hiring them for. Besides, you are also sure that it is a reputable company so you can rest easy knowing your belongings are safe.

Only Rent the Space that you Need

You also want to know the number of belongings that you need storage for, their shapes, and sizes. This is not a last-minute rush otherwise you might find it difficult to get the perfect storage space. You want to make sure you declutter early and decide what you are not bringing with you.

Renting the right size of space will cut down the cost. But always make sure that your items fit perfectly well. There are also different types of storage you can get. It all depends on your requirements and the type of goods you want to store; you may need to rent more than one type of storage.

Determine Time and Distance

This is how far or close the storage location is from your new location. Even if you don’t want to bring these items, they are still yours as long as you haven’t found a way to dispose of them, and especially if you will need the storage for a long time, you may want to consider the distance between your new home and the storage location.

You want to make sure that you can easily access them anytime you want without getting stuck in traffic, having transport problems, and just stop by anytime you need to. You can ask your moving company or the storage company if they have a branch in the next town so you can take that.

Decide on How Long you will need the Storage

The fact that you may need storage is inevitable. But you also need to decide how long you want your goods stored there. First of all, the more your belongings are in storage, the more money you expect to spend. Second of all, having your items in storage means you still have pending work to do.

You want to move into your new house and enjoy it, you need to make sure you are done with whatever work you need to do while moving and you can move on with other things. Be careful not to be in a rush though, with valuable belongings especially, you want to make sure everything goes to where it is supposed to go.

Consider the Material and Number of Belongings you Need Storage for

As much as you don’t want to move anything you are not using to your new home, you also don’t want to have to store fragile items and a lot of things. Make sure you start early. Figure out what you want to take with you and find the best way to dispose of the rest before the moving date.

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