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5 Technological Innovations Made By Online Casinos



Online casinos may not appear revolutionary on the face of it, but the truth is that they are a powerful driving force behind technological innovation.

A little like the adult entertainment industry, online casinos are daring and versatile; always looking for the next best way to gain an advantage over a competitor. Generally, these innovations have come from small online casinos as opposed to the large land-based corporations; though, we are starting to see traditional casinos finally cotton on to the potential of the online marketplace.

Mobile responsiveness

To play online slots is a matter of loading up one page on a mobile, from anywhere in the world. Believe it or not, online casinos were one of the earliest developers of mobile games, because of course, the profit incentive of the young market was extremely appealing.

Today, more games are played on mobile than PC, and more retail sales are made on mobile than desktops. Online casinos were at the forefront of this movement, offering services on mobile at the very early stages of the smartphone revolution.

Virtual Reality

VR headsets are becoming increasingly complex and immersive, yet lots of game developers are still focused on console and PC. However, many online casinos actually have a strong backlog of VR-capable games, in which the games were developed with VR headsets in mind.

The VR casino games are remarkable because some can replace the one thing that’s missing from online gaming: the real-life atmosphere. However, taking immersions to the next level with a VR headset is somewhat replacing that craving for a traditional casinos hustle and bustle.

Skill-based casino games

Now, online casinos haven’t invented skill-based games (even if you do argue poker is over a thousand years old). Within the casino world, almost all games have been down to luck. Slots, roulette, and even blackjack. These chance-based games are great fun, but they’re somewhat two-dimensional and traditional.

Online casinos have really done something that’s never happened before – they have merged traditional games like slots with modern skill-based video games. By introducing more gamification into games, casino games are being developed in which there are leaderboards and more elements of skill and competition like siti casino non AAMS

This completely changes the dynamic for the player, who now feels as if they have more control over winning. This isn’t to say RNG games are dying out, but having the option of both is exactly what online casinos are about – choices. There are thousands of slot machine games at the likes of TuskCasino to choose from online, all with different stories, mechanics, and characters. Breaking tradition to add these elements is arguably the biggest reason behind their rampant growth in the past 15 years.

Predictive analytics and Big Data

Big Data is at the core of many new technologies, social media, and retail. Everything from understanding a user’s preference to help drive targeted ads to video suggestions on a social media’s algorithmic feed.

Online casinos have had their part to play in this discovery. Online casinos can track all sorts of data, ranging from the betting history of a player to what games they prefer. This is helping drive the direction of game development, in which games with the most retention and interaction are being made. It also helps detect scammers and fraudsters too, by detecting unusual behavior.

Cryptocurrency payment solutions

With crypto in a golden era of growth right now, it’s finally becoming a mainstream asset to hold among most retail investors. However, the one thing crypto is still lacking is legitimacy in application and use. Essentially, not enough businesses are accepting it as a form of payment, and it isn’t included in their official financial statements.

However, online casinos have taken this plunge. Not all, but quite a lot of online casinos now accept Bitcoin and some other Altcoins. In fact, some online casinos only accept crypto, as a means to create private, anonymous gambling.

This is popular among many users as it means they can game under the radar, with nothing showing up on official bank statements, which may one day be used to discriminate against them. Also, transactions are faster and arguably more secure with crypto.

Final Word

All in all, online casinos have made a positive impact in the world of technological advancements. Game development is booming, and pushing boundaries, whilst security measures have meant refining facial recognition, two-factor authentications, big data patterns, and state-of-the-art payment solutions

With land-based casinos closed during the year-long lockdowns, online casinos were given a chance by many new players. It will be unlikely to see this growth trajectory slow down anytime soon, whilst traditional casinos continue to suffer due to subdued tourism. However, the merging of the two shouldn’t be ruled out, with traditional casinos adopting some of the online games to be placed in-shop, and even offer their own online platforms.

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