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The features of a quality dry herb vaporizer



The cannabis industry has grown tremendously throughout the years and legalization is definitely playing a role in this department. Technology has also allowed and paved the way for new methods of consumption. This may be because being discreet is now a wanted feature for a lot of consumption methods. You may or may not know what a dry herb vaporizer is, but for those of you who don’t, it is a device that is used to vaporize dry substances. They are quite popular as it is viewed as a healthier option when compared to blunts or joints. There are many features you should look for when you are buying a quality dry herb vaporizer.


Take it anywhere with you

Many people love portable dry herb vaporizers, such as the Crafty vaporizer which is available at, because you can take it with you anywhere you go which is handy for those who enjoy having a smoke while they are out and about. This is the main reason why this method of consumption is a lot more convenient than other methods of consumption. There are desktop vaporizers and a variety of other vaporizers which you can use such as portable dry herb vaporizers which are great for on the go. Desktop vaporizers are mainly used if you want to smoke large quantities or in a group as it requires you to plug it in.


Can last a long time

One thing to note about dry herb vaporizers is how important battery life is, which is something you should consider when making your selection. It should last you a couple of hours of use but this of course is entirely dependent on the type of dry herb vaporizer you use. This is important because you don’t want to use a vaporizer that requires a charger and then forget to charge it before heading out of the house. Similarly, if you are using a dry herb vaporizer that uses a battery, you need to know how long the battery lasts so that it doesn’t die on you.


Quality design

The importance of a good quality device is that it will last long and retain the quality of your herb for a long period of time. What this means is that your weed will taste better for longer and the device itself, if it is a quality device, will not require a lot of herb to maintain its potency. The design of vaporizers also play a role in terms of quality with some being easy to use and others being a lot harder to use. Some are a lot more fancy in their design and others are a lot more cheap looking, and you’ll slowly begin to notice that nice-looking devices are better in terms of their functions, their settings and their overall longevity.


Allows for temperature control

Once you understand how dry herb vaporizers work, you’ll begin  to understand how you need to have temperature control in order for it to work efficiently. Temperature control is in fact what sets it apart from other methods of consumption, and how this works is by allowing you to choose which temperature to vape your weed at. What this means is that you have full control over how high you want to get, and this is important for people who want to control the effects of marijuana. It is also important because you don’t want it to burn the cannabis when you are using it.


Easy to clean

A dry herb vaporizer should be easy to clean, and this is important because the cleaning method of the dry herb vaporizer is essentially what makes it more convenient for you to use. The dry herb vaporizer you use should fit your lifestyle and convenience and it’s important that you make sure to clean your vaporizer often, by using a small brush after each use and a small bud and some cleaning alcohol now and then for a deep clean. This is to avoid dirt clumping up in your dry herb vaporizer because a dirty dry herb vaporizer has a bad taste that affects the quality of the herb you place into the chamber, therefore ruining the taste of it.

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