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Rooftop Cafe Decor Ideas to Inspire Creativity



What’s better to enjoy the summer with a refreshing drink on a rooftop cafe? Everyone loves the idea of sitting on a rooftop cafe and enjoying an afternoon tea or reading a book. As a destination for work or leisure, rooftops are becoming more and more popular. The best part of the rooftop experience is its exclusivity. No one else has access to your perfect view of the city! And with that being said, you can implement some decor ideas to take your space from good to great.


Couch Style Seating Area

Create couch and bench-style seating with benches covered in vibrant and multi-pattern Pakistani rugs. Add a coffee table and even throw pillows for lounging on the benches. It will make a unique and cozy place for your customers to enjoy. Add cushions or pillows on benches, couches, armchairs, and coffee tables with complementary patterns that will make space feel more intimate. Also, add rugs in these same colors. This is a great way to cover up any scuffs you may have on your floor.


Security Cameras

Install security cameras to make customers feel safe and secure- especially during the night! You may also want a keypad or buzzer system since they will be out of sight from outside when you have them installed. A camera is an easy way to monitor what’s going on inside while you’re away.


Outdoor Furniture

Having an outdoor space is also a great way to attract customers and provide them with fresh air on hot days! Outdoor seating can be created in many different ways: sectional sofas, patio furniture, or even just adding folding chairs. Choose which option works best for your style and budget. If you have more of a modern style, stainless steel chairs or benches will work best.


Plant Life

Add some green into your rooftop space with plants all around! Some are low-maintenance, like succulents that require little water or indirect sunlight to survive. Others may need more attention, such as pineapple trees which need full sun exposure and water all the time. Bring greenery to your cafe by placing plants everywhere. All of the space on a rooftop can be utilized! If you have a more intimate setting, consider placing cozy sofas or chairs in front of plants and candles. It will make a perfect rooftop lounge.


Fairy Lights and Mirrors

Add a little sparkle and creativity to your space with lights! Stringing up light fairy strands is always an easy way to add some ambiance (and make people aware that you’re open for business! You can also place mirrors everywhere, reflecting the natural sunlight, making it seem more spacious. Besides, mirrors are the best decorative items to use in a small space! You can wrap the fairy lights around plants and fences to create an alluring ambiance.


Wrought Iron Furniture

A rooftop is a perfect place for outdoor furniture that doesn’t need much maintenance. To make your space even cozier, try adding wrought iron chairs which are sturdy, durable, and look great.



Lamps are great at making your space feel cozier. Hanging lamps up high will give the feeling of a homey atmosphere and bring warmth to any rooftop cafe. The same goes for floor or table lamps which can also help make an intimate setting in a cozy corner, away from all the hustle and bustle that is going on in the cafe. For a more industrial yet warm vibe, consider placing lamps everywhere. Lamps can also be used to highlight plants and decor made from recycled materials!


A Cozier Spot

Create a cozier spot for your customers to enjoy their meal. Plant some flowers around a bench and add an overhead light to make it feel like you’re eating in the garden! Place traditional wool rugs underneath seating to make the dining experience comfortable and outstanding for your customers.



The appearance of your rooftop cafe can be completely transformed with the right lighting. Think about how you would want to feel when sitting out on the patio: a romantic evening, warm summer night, or cozy and relaxed in winter. For nighttime events, we recommend uplights which will provide ample light without being too bright. Create a focal point with string lights and lanterns. String them from the ceiling or around your seating areas for an intimate, romantic atmosphere. We recommend using strings of paper lanterns for daytime events to create inviting lighting that is also bright enough to read by.



Don’t forget to decorate! Add artwork like posters and paintings on the entrance or main walls. You could also use them as a focal point in your seating areas. Also, it is an awesome idea to decorate tables with artwork too.


Start with a Blank Canvas

A tabletop is a perfect place to create art! You can use anything from chalk, paint, or even sand for this project. Don’t forget your favorite colors and paints too! For something more classic, you could always try oil paintings as wall decor. They’re easy enough to make on your own and will look fabulous and chic in any setting.


Tabletop Decorations 

Add some personality to the table with unique tabletop decorations like plants, candles, or small sculptures. Place flowers on top of the tables themselves, as centerpieces near each chair, place setting, or both! Flowers and greenery are always a good idea to brighten up any table. Candles and votives are also perfect for giving your rooftop cafe decor ideas some ambiance as well!


Make the Furniture Colorful

Cover up your chairs with a bright and vibrant tablecloth to give the entire area some extra color. If you don’t have any brightly colored ones or want something more subtle, try light gray, as it has been shown to make people feel calm and relaxed! Opting for colorful furniture items for your rooftop cafe decorating ideas also works and can be easily done with a simple paint job.


In Conclusion

The key to a successful rooftop cafe is creativity. With the right decor and food, you can make your outdoor space feel like an extension of your buildings interior. Keep these tips in mind when designing your own business! Looking for a rug to adorn your cafe? It’s easy to find the perfect zeigler rugs at RugKnots. We have an extensive selection of beautiful options, and our customer service team is always available to help you make a decision. Visit us today!

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