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Does Spectrum Have Free Installation?



Spectrum is a brand name for cable TV, internet, home phone, and mobile phone services – owned by Charter Communications. It is one of the largest service providers in America with services availability in over 41 states.

The best part about Spectrum services is that they are affordable and don’t cost an arm and leg. Customers get to choose among several plans for all the services. Hence allowing them to pick the one that suits their needs and goes well with their budget. However, many of the customers are concerned about the installation cost and whether that can be done for free or not.

Does Spectrum Offer Free Installation?

As for installation, Spectrum usually offers two options for its customers. The first option is the professional installation option and the second is the self-installation option. While the professional installation costs an additional $49.99 as a one-time charge to the customers (unless you opt for the Internet Gig), those who are looking for free Spectrum installation can opt for the self-installation option.

  • Charter Spectrum Self-Installation

Spectrum self-installation means that you can either pick up the equipment from any nearest Spectrum store or Spectrum can ship it to your service address. Once the equipment arrives, you can plug it in by yourself and save the cost of professional installation.

This option is useful for the people who previously had Spectrum services or are moving to an address that is already wired and had Spectrum in the past. Since there is no need for putting in new wires for such places, these customers can save time and money by choosing self-installation over professional installation.

In case the house is newly built or never had Charter Spectrum services in the past, customers will probably need to choose professional installation instead of self-installation. That is because the technician would have to put in new wires and connect the house with the Spectrum wired network.

If you are not sure which option to choose, contact Charter customer service and explain the situation. They will be able to help you with that.

 Spectrum Service Installation in the Wake of Covid

Like all other service providers, Charter Spectrum also changed its installation options. Now all the customers who sign up for the services are offered the self-installation option with equipment delivery at their address. That is being done to ensure customers’ safety and to limit contact.

However, there are certain scenarios where you can ask for a professional to come to your place and install the services. For instance, if your house never had Spectrum before, you will need someone who can come and put in new wires for you. Since the self-installation option doesn’t work in such a situation, you can contact customer service and ask them to send a technician to your place.

They will confirm the date & time for the installation and inquire about your availability during that time. If yes, then they will change the self-installation to professional. Keep in mind that you will have to pay $49.99 for the professional installation with your first month of services. In case you have opted for the internet gig plan, these charges can be more.

Benefits of Choosing Spectrum

One of the best things about the spectrum is that it offers great features and deals for all customers. These additional benefits and service features add value for customers and save them money on monthly basis. These benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Fast Download Speeds

Spectrum offers internet services via a coaxial cable connection. That ensures fast download speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to up to 940 Mbps – depending upon the plan that you choose.

  • Free Modem

Unlike other service providers, Spectrum doesn’t charge additional money for the internet modem. All the internet customers can get the most compatible modem without paying extra. However, the Wi-Fi service does cost $5 per month. Therefore, if you need that, be ready to pay that charge.

  • Unlimited Data

Another great aspect of Spectrum’s internet service is that there are no data limits. Customers can use the services for as much as they want, download stuff, play games, or stream shows, without worrying about going over their data limits or paying extra.

  • Internet Security Suite

Along with offering great service, Spectrum also puts in efforts towards keeping its customers safe. That is why; it offers advanced anti-virus software to protect the devices and to keep them away from online harms. If you don’t already have a subscription or haven’t downloaded it yet, get in touch with the support team and find out how you can get it.

  • No Contracts

For those customers who need services for a limited time or don’t want to commit, Spectrum offers them the ultimate freedom. All the Spectrum plans come without service contracts and customers can cancel the services whenever they want.

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