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Dab Rigs: What Are They and Why Are They Popular?



The marijuana industry has become so big lately, especially after the last few years and there are many methods of consumption that are available now for people to use. There are many people that say one consumption method is better than another. Dab rigs have become popular over the last few years, and are now available everywhere, even online at sites like Grasscity, especially after the legalization of marijuana in certain parts of the world. You might not have heard of a dab rig before, especially if you are new to consuming marijuana then you definitely will not know what it is, so if you are curious about it, this is what you should know.


What is a Dab Rig?

A dab rig is a device where there is a chamber within a glass pipe, which is connected to a nail or banger and is used for dabbing, in other words, smoking dabble extracts. Dab rigs were first used in 2006 by the duo Hash Master Kut and GGirl. Contrary to popular belief,  a dab rig is very different from a bong, the reason being is they are used in very different ways. Yes, they are both water pipes with a filter system but a bong is usually used to smoke dry herbs, herbs or tobacco, whereas when it comes to a dab rig, it is usually used to smoke concentrates that are prohibited such as honey, oil or wax.


How Does it Work?

This is probably the first natural question that anyone should have when they have a dab rig and they stare at its mechanics. How does it actually work? Well, a dab rig is a group of tools that are used to enable your smoking experience. You have a bowl of water that filters the bad toxins from whatever you are smoking and also helps to cool the air as it passes through the dab rig. Then you have a nail that is heated to create the vapor which is used for you to inhale. Then there are temperature settings that allow you to set it to any specific temperature that you want. Make sure to be careful when setting the temperatures as this can affect the quality of your smoke drastically and if the temperature is too high, it may even damage the dab rig completely as a whole, which is definitely not what you want out of the experience.


What Are the Different Types?

There are actually many different types of dab rigs that are out there and they consist of different materials. They are also different in sizes and minor functions, making some better and others worse, depending on how you look at it of course.  For example, you get e-rigs which are electronic rigs and have a lot of benefits, in terms of them being portable, durable, having temperature control, and having a quick heating time.

The cons with e-rigs on the other hand are that they can be quite difficult and strenuous to clean and you can’t use accessories with e-rigs. Then you have glass rigs which are the most common dab rigs that you’ll find on the market. The good thing about glass dab rigs is that you can add accessories to them, there’s a variety of them that you can find, you get the best value for what you pay, and they are extremely durable with thick and top quality glass being used to create them. The only downfall is that if you dab often, you will need to dab often. Then there are other types of rigs such as mini rigs, recycler rigs, and silicone rigs that all have their own benefits and downfalls.


Benefits They Offer

There are definitely a variety of benefits that dab rigs offer and there’s a lot that makes them a good consumption method as opposed to the others. The reason why people turn it more than they would other consumption methods is that it offers really potent hits with a small amount of extracts or concentrates. This means that you really get value for your money because you only need to use small amounts to experience an extreme high, unlike any before, whereas with other consumption methods, it’s the opposite.

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