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Ideas To Improve A Struggling Relationship



If you and your partner appear to be experiencing an endless ‘rough patch’, instead of throwing in the proverbial towel, here are some tried and tested ideas to improve your struggling relationship before giving up.

Be Private

One of the more common, natural, and entirely understandable reasons why long-term relationships start to struggle is because the foundations that your partnership and connection is fundamentally built upon has begun to be compromised by outside influences.

Delete or, at the very least, make ultimately private any social media accounts and make a deal with each other to not engage in overly familiar conversations with old friends or workmates in private messaging apps.

The more private you keep your relationship, the more special and exciting your connection will feel and subsequently appear to outsiders. If you do have a problem or even an issue with your partner, communicate your thoughts with them and resist the urge to confide in an outsider on social media.

Spice Up Your Sex Life

Obviously, sex is not the be-all and end-all of a relationship, however, it is undeniable and perfectly apparent to everyone that a physical attraction should exist between you and your partner as part of a healthy relationship.

It is only natural that, especially during these stressful times, the sexual aspect of your relationship has been neglected, and now is the time to spend some quality and highly intimate time together. An adult toy store is a perfect place to reignite the fire in you and your partner’s sexual relationship. Visit together with an open mind, explore the products available and choose items that you can both gain pleasure from.

Draw A Line 

To seriously dedicate yourself to the positive development of your relationship with your partner, it is absolutely crucial if you want to improve your struggling relationship to draw a line separating the past from the present. However tempting it is, for example, to bring up and revisit in-depth past demeanors and questionable behaviors from your other half during a related argument or discussion, it is entirely unhelpful and counterproductive to do so. Instead, draw a firm line between yesterday and today and move forward together with a clean slate and build the future together.

Set Boundaries 

In order to set effective and fruitful boundaries, it is incredibly healthy to imagine your life as a couple together as not two but three different entities: You, your partner, and your relationship together.

One of the most important boundaries to set within your relationship is one of emotional dependence, or rather, more accurately, lack thereof. It is important to give yourself the time and space for autonomy and explore your own individual passions, interests, and hobbies.

The amount of time you and your partner spend together is another massive thing to consider when setting new boundaries to improve your relationship and money and spending boundaries and flirtation and messaging limitations for both of you. Doing this will help stop the feeling that you’re constantly suffocating each other.

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