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Interested in Teaching a Language Online? Here’re 3 Steps on How to Become a Tutor!



Education has come a long way from the days of apprenticeship. Thanks to technology, people are now able to learn and teach from the comfort of their homes.

However, the coronavirus pandemic affected the education sector globally, leading to an increased demand for online learning services. The conventional classroom lost its function as a result of the measures put in place to curb the spread of the virus. Health ministries considered physical classrooms a risk, paving the way for online classes.

Many teachers have since moved their services online or have integrated them with their normal daily routines. To become a part of the growing online tutoring community, read here to know a few guidelines on how to become a tutor that you can use.

1. Get Yourself Certified

Certification is not compulsory for you to teach online, but it is vital if you want to build a sustainable career. TESL< TEFL and TESOL are the three most popular certifications among online tutors. The good thing is you can get all three without leaving your house.

The three courses will equip you with the skills you will need to be a good tutor, especially in an online setting. You will learn the different teaching methods appropriate for students from different backgrounds, how to plan your lessons, ways you can make grammar and language simpler for your students, and different learning styles, among many other skills.

2. Get the Right Hardware and Software

To be able to teach online, you will first need a good computer with a good, functioning webcam. This is because most classes are conducted via video feed. There are plenty of good-quality external webcams available in case your computer isn’t equipped with one.

Students pick up a lot of cues from the body language of the teacher. It is therefore important that they can see you. You will also need a good pair of headsets and a microphone to communicate clearly with your students.

A stable internet connection is also a requirement as you will be teaching online. This is still tricky for some aspiring tutors, as getting a stable connection might be a challenge in some areas.

3. Create Your Online Resume and Profile

If you’re going to get any potential clients, rest assured they are going to have a look at your competencies. They will also need to know your areas of expertise to plan accordingly. Your online profile will help a great deal in building your online presence.

A well-curated resume and profile will therefore be a step in the right direction.

Research on How to Become a Tutor

As technology becomes more advanced and innovative, so does the world change with it. Online education is the new path technology is leading us towards. Students no longer have to make time for a physical class. Educators, on the other hand, can also access millions of students from every corner of the globe.

The opportunity to teach online has come with tons of benefits for them: flexible working hours, extra cash, and many more. Consider the tips highlighted above if you want to take advantage of this special time, and become a tutor today.

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