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College Student Life: Participation, Perceptions, and Satisfaction



Modern education is not just about academic tasks and assignments; leading colleges and universities put a special emphasis on organizing useful leisure activities for their students. They create a strong university culture that allows students to continue to develop and grow outside the classroom, acquire valuable knowledge and skills, interacting with peers, participating in volunteer programs, etc.

Active extracurricular activities are also important for employment. To work in companies, you need not only deep specialized knowledge. In a highly competitive environment, an employer looks at personal qualities, social skills, and creativity when all candidates have strong diplomas. So what is special about a college life of a modern student?

Participation in Extracurricular Activities

As a rule, modern students are people with an active lifestyle, who spend their free time not just studying but also doing some useful things. Therefore, leisure activities for young people are thoroughly planned on campuses and in educational institutions.

Many young people are involved in volunteering, providing practical assistance to hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, and animal shelters. Teachers and public figures conduct training, master classes, where those present are treated to free delicious food. Educational programs include internships, travel, and hiking to interesting and cultural places.

Student’s agenda is so diversified, and it is important to find the time for all the activities you may be interested in. In case there is too much on your plate and you cannot focus on the things you truly like, you can always delegate the most challenging or boring assignments to the team. Let professionals take care of it and spend the time just as you wish.

Earning Extra Money

College and university students are often faced with the problem of financial insecurity. But even in this case, there is a way out. The main thing is to discuss this issue with the administration of the institution in order to avoid possible problems. You can get a job on campus, performing the functions of a waiter, librarian assistant, sales assistant in a bookstore, etc. Alternatively, you can always find some employment options outside the campus.

By the way, working on campus is another way to gain valuable experience for the student. It is allowed to combine work with study. Moreover, according to statistics, working students study as well or even better than non-working students. You can work on campuses as teaching assistants, in dormitories, and in cafeterias. Part-time work pays well: the average salary will be about $ 12 -14 per hour. Thus, working two hours a day, you can get about $ 500 per month. For example, 11,000 students work on the campuses of the prestigious ASU. Many of them choose a part-time job at Starbucks (there are more than 20 Starbucks spots on campuses of the university).

What About Satisfaction?

Since modern students are given absolute freedom of choice and can do whatever they want, they are fully satisfied with college life. Apart from a balanced academic routine, people can develop their talents, do the things they like, and even start making money while studying.

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