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8 Ways to Ensure the Best Trip of Your Life This Year



Planning your next trip away is never easy due to the incredible number of things you need to think about, from where to travel to, how to get there, to what to do when you are there, and that doesn’t even scratch the surface! From skiing and snowboarding, to shopping and feasting, there are simply too many things to consider! To have the best experience possible, it is important to plan ahead, whether you are going away for a long weekend, or a trip of a lifetime.

Of course, unexpected events will happen, which is part of the beauty of traveling, but now we will take a look at the 8 ways to ensure you have the best trip of your life this year.


1. Decide Where to Go


Maybe you have dreamed of whiling away your time on a sun-soaked island, or you want to explore the ancient souks of Medina or take a hiking trip through the Andes. Whatever your dream is, make sure you research it well. You don’t want to end up in a location that isn’t safe due to war or disease. Always check the foreign office website and read up on blogs or websites about your chosen destination.


2. Who Will I Travel With?


Your idea of bliss may be traveling alone without a care in the world, or you may want to make a romantic trip with your partner, or even a trip with friends to explore the world after university. Whichever it is, make sure you are comfortable with your choice, especially on those longer trips. Solo travel means freedom without compromise, whereas traveling with a partner means a lot of mutual decisions. Think hard and choose wisely.


3. Check Visas, Passports, and Vaccinations


Many travelers will be venturing off the beaten track so do your homework in advance and make sure you have a visa for all the countries you are going to as well as any vaccinations for tropical diseases you may encounter. You don’t want to fall ill when abroad, and for heaven’s sake, check your passport is in date for your whole trip and 6 months beyond.


4. Sort Out Your Finances


Travelling can be expensive, especially exchanging currency. If you are spending a lot of time in the EU, for example, it is worth buying a pre-loadable euro debit card to cut down on exchange rate charges. If you are going to many countries think about buying currency in advance as it will often be cheaper than at your destination, and make sure you have a ready supply of cash in USD for emergencies.


5. Plan Your Activities


Thankfully access to the internet is in the palm of our hand these days, so you can easily plan your trip using blogs and reviews on other such related travel websites. If, for example, you plan to go kayaking, it would be best to look for reviews on what you need to bring or what you can buy when you get to your destination. It is worth taking the time to check out these reviews as having the right kayak or wearing suitable kayaking clothes will affect your kayaking experience. If you’re thinking about taking a weekend riverboat vacation or planning a day on the coast, check out tips on best practices. Know if your boat is equipped for the type of activities you plan on doing, the capacity of the vessel and if it’s suitable for your destination. You should also know your route and make sure you have enough time to get back. A word to the wise: safety is always the number one concern when it comes to watercraft. Install high-quality LED boat lights from brands like Lumitec if you’re planning on having an evening trip. No matter what activities you plan to do during your trip, you should also check out reviews about your chosen destination as they can often alert you to any changes in circumstances like opening hours or activity package so you’ll be prepared and you won’t be disappointed.


6. Get Insured


Travel insurance doesn’t just cover you if you fall ill on your trip, it will also cover you for many other items such as canceled airline tickets or hotel rooms, or the loss or theft of your belongings. The last thing you want or need for a trip is the stress and worry of having to deal with these occurrences so make sure you are insured before your trip!


7. Pack Light


This is especially important if you are going on a long trip and are lumbering your rucksack around all day. Prepare well in advance and only take what you only need, in a worst-case scenario you can buy anything you need whilst abroad. What is it with weekend trippers taking two suitcases stuffed to the brim? Save your back and the environment by packing lighter and you will have a much more rewarding holiday.


8. Have Fun


It probably sounds obvious, right, but do make sure you have fun! Many people forget the object of a trip away is to relax and destress from the routine of your normal life. If you are well prepared you should have a stress-free time. You should be out there exploring not worrying about what you look like or what is going on at home. Forget work, you have earned your time off.

As we have discovered there are many things to think about to ensure you have the best trip possible, but if you follow this guide you will be well on your way. Use your time away to meet new people and broaden your horizons and you will have that rewarding trip you have always dreamed of.

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