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AiGrow vs. Kicksta: Which App Will Get You More Real Followers For Instagram?



As the market for Instagram increased day by day. So, brands are looking for engagements and followers. After Facebook, Instagram became the single most engaging marketplace for brand growth.


To show sponsored advertisements on Instagram is quite expensive and these do not increase engagements. Most of the brands on Instagram want to convert their followers into customers and attract each new follower to boost their business. So, some specialized specific tools are required to execute this purpose.


Kicksta is very helpful for brand growth tools on Instagram. This app provides a user interface with an advanced AI integration which helps for brand elevation and immense growth of followers.


AiGrow helps to grow leads in Instagram Marketing with AI-based growth tools and generate leads that maximize sales potential. There is some difference between these two apps to buy real followers on Instagram.


  1. In the Setup process AiGrow vs. Kicksta



Setting Up of an AiGrow Account


For creating an account in AiGrow, first visit the site by entering your name, email, and password. Then, log into Instagram and get a week-long free trial.


Setting Up a Kicksta Account


In Kicksta, first set up organic growth process for real followers and engagements in Instagram in three steps:

  1. Visit Kicksta Website
  2. Then enter your email.
  3. A select payment plan by clicking “Get Started”.


Then Kicksta Dashboard helps you to get a better target audience to gain real-time followers.


  1. Audience Filtering




Kicksta and advanced filtering system which is known as the safest Instagram Marketing Service to the users. It removes the redundant and spam accounts with several filters. It avoids things like:


  • Private Instagram Accounts
  • Without a single post in the last ninety days
  • Accounts that hold an odd follow and unfollow ratio
  • Recently created accounts

Kicksta also filters out certain Instagram users based on the things like:


  • Gender
  • Business Filter
  • Specific People
  • Foreign Languages
  • Profanity




AiGrow sometimes uses some filtration method which is considered spam. The primary filtration is done on a hashtags and location basis. But there are some tools which filter based on DMs or comments.


Through this app, you can also count how many Comments, or follow send by an account daily, and not follow the same person many times.

So, based on these features Kicksta provides a far more superior algorithm that filters more effectively.


  1. Customer Service opportunities




Kicksta offers 24/7 customer service through chat or email for making liable customers ever. Kicksta also has massive FAQs as well as videos to quickly understand the tool and justify your needs.




AiGrow gives access to their customer service agents within three minutes for the users. Apart from this, AiGrow has an FAQ, which solves the underlying doubts of the users.

The access to the customer in less than three minutes, but there are many complaints which their customer service executives do not touch.

So, in customer service, Kicksta is much more reliable than AiGrow. AiGrow also receives bad reviews. Therefore, Kicksta becomes the winner here.


  1. Features




Kicksta works in the following way: First, you provide several Instagram followers. Kicksta will go to the most recent posts of the followers you provided and like.

The act of liking posts from people that follow accounts are similar to your own. This act of Liking their posts attracts them to your accounts. Thus Instagram engagements will increase.

Kicksta doesn’t do any other kind of activities besides using Instagram usernames. They only offer auto liking.




Like Kicksta’s strategy, AiGrow does automatically like, follow, unfollow, DM and comment on real channels to draw relevant users and organic traffic in your channel which aim to convert these traffic into followers.


AiGrow uses auto-following, unfollowing, DMing, and Commenting rather than only liking posts.


5.Main Algorithm




Automated Kicksta process is sometimes very time-consuming. The algorithm of Kipsta is based on the “liking-method.” It gives like to the top-performing posts which are similar to Instagram. Depending on the Instagram restrictions, people possibly check out your page and turn your customer.




AiGrow has an automated Follow/Unfollow trick that quickly boosts your Instagram followers by attracting the most people and following back. With AiGrow, you can also automatically build customized comments and raise the flag and get engagements towards your brand.

Though AiGrow gives you more followers in a shorter duration, it is not always good for brand image or reputation to earn engagements like this. This will disturb the follow and following ratio, and will be marked as spam. So Kicksta is also the winning algorithm here.


  1. Real Followers




The followers obtain by Kicksta app are the authentic followers who are genuinely attracted to your page for your content. So it makes loyal followers on Instagram as well as engagements.




The followers through AiGrow are also 100% real, but the issue will arise when people you follow, realize you unfollowed them, then they get angry and unfollow you.

So, AiGrow provides short-term followers growth, but Kicksta provides you, real-time followers.


If people come to choose between these two apps, Kicksta provides more followers, engagements on Instagram from all points of view.

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