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What Does Your Interior Design Style Say About You?



Our personality is not only reflected through our dresses, shoes, style of talking, and our company but also through our interior design style. So if you want to know what your interior design style says about you, read through this blog. We will begin with the most things that can be found around in the home. So let’s begin.

  1. Throw Pillows

Most of us have a lot of throw pillows in our houses. Do you know what do they reveal about your personality? Well, having lots of throw pillows in your drawing room or other common areas is a sign of welcome and sociability. It depicts that you are not only welcoming your guests but also ensuring their comfort. If you are such a type of person, I would suggest you go for Bohemian throw pillows for room decor.

  1. Air Conditioning Unit

It might surprise you, but having an air conditioning unit at home indicates calmness and a peaceful personality. Since the presence of air conditioning units ensures comfort and enhances a working environment, it indicates you are work-oriented.

  1. A Taste for the Traditional

If you have furnished your home that software looking things such as your mother’s vintage teacups or your grandmother’s decoration pieces, you are more likely to be one that values relations, memories, and traditions. This unique characteristic of you would not only reflect how much you value your family and things related to them, but also give a different touch to your interior.

  1. Clean and Simple

Having a bare kitchen bench and veiled bathroom amenities indicates the type of  that finds comfort in keeping untidy things hidden. This kind of people are more prone to sleek lined furniture and modern homeware.

  1. Mixed and Matched

In case you have decorated your walls with lots of photographs and different kinds of art pieces, you are the type of person who loves playing with colors and is very creative. For such kinds of people, ethnic or eclectic appliances, and crafts are a source of comfort for they make their place feel homely.

  1. Extra Seating

Having extra seating in the living room or drawing room is an indication that you like to welcome your guests and are very sociable. This also reviews your quality of enjoying entertainment.

Similarly, having extra chairs around the kitchen slabs implies that you want your guests to stay longer and dine in with you.

The same is the case in office settings. Having lots of seats in the waiting room indicates your welcoming personality for your guests.

  1. Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans in your home or office reveal a sense of togetherness. It depicts that there are no restrictions and anybody is welcome. On the contrary, closed floor plans give an indication of limited access and imply that the guests are not welcome in these particular areas.

So, these were a few points about your interior design that can reveal your personality. Remember, that having consistency in your home decor is the way one can guess your personality. If you keep on changing the interior design, trying a different interior every time, it is difficult to detect your taste and personality.

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