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Online casino reviews are the first concerns for casino players and unique real money players when choosing a new gambling website. The world of online gambling is much broader than traditional land games. There are many casinos offering different gambling options one after another, with incredible bonus offers, and high payouts. Although there is an enormous number of operators, there are even more fraudulent websites or suspicious online casino with questionable practice that do not protect players’ interest. With a lot of information to process, online casino reviews are like a quick and comprehensive overview of all potential websites.

We know that it is often difficult for beginners to learn all the intricacies of online gambling. Due to a large number of online casinos, the need for many details is daunting. Most players would rather to read right away from the review sites that summarize the information of a particular online casino. Here, we listed down few review sites for online casino in Singapore that are reliable for Singapore players to refer.

Top 1 Review Site: KT2win

KT2win is an independent appraiser for online casinos in many countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and etc. They focus on online casino testing and rating. Their online casino review team is a veteran with decades of industry experience, first the gambler, then the analyst. Their main goal is to provide detailed reviews to help you with your decision. KT2win use this experience to provide new players with opportunities to choose and avoid mistakes.

From KT2win reviews, you can find about everything about the casinos: games available, operating license, payment methods, customer support, best casino bonus and a summary of review after testing and playing at the casino. A plate of casino reviews, that you can get effortlessly. This assist players to play games in online casinos in Malaysia or Singapore without worries.

They also strive to provide the best gaming experience for reliable online casinos. They assure you that if a casino is verified by KT2win with their own unique certification badge, it is 100% safe to play in online casinos in Malaysia/Singapore. Through research and gathering expert knowledge, they ensure that casino reviews are honest and independent. In addition to the rating, free protection is also provided if there is any fraudulent practice by their verified casino. This gives players more confidence to refer to their reviews.


No.2 Review Site: Online-Casino Singapore

Online-Casino Singapore, is a review site focus on online casinos for Singapore players. They provide a list of online casinos that is recommend to players, narrowed the scope to few casinos in Singapore. Their review about the casino is in article form, which they will write an article for each casino that they reviewed. However, this kind of review might be overwhelming to players who do not enjoy long essay reading. If you are looking for a simple and straightforward reviews, we would recommend you to visit instead.

They do not offer any protection program or guarantee on their reviews. Players are still advised to play at own risk on the casino they recommend.

No.3 Review Site: Online Casino65

OnlineCasino65 focuses on reviewing casinos in few regions such as Singapore, Indonesia, Macau, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Their website is literally with minimal design as compared to other review sites. They do not have attractive features and is more on offering informational content. They do a good job in clarifying each type of online casino for the players. For example, they have a list of Crypto Casino that offering Crypto Currency as payment method. Some other breakdowns and categories they have are IGT Casinos, Bitcoins Casinos, Mobile casino and etc.

If would be a good choice if you are only looking for specific categories of casinos as it eases your research works. You can filter the casinos from their lists.

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