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Best Worst Cover Albums of All Time



Music has taken a dimensional shift, from the days of CDs where music was played on little flat discs. However, things have changed now. New technology has had a hand when it comes to the quality of album cover art.

Now, you can have your music play on any device while the cover art displays on the screen. Come to think of it, there have been some bad and not-so-mind-blowing cover arts over the years. Below, we explore some of the worst cover albums of all time. Still, you can try listening to the music as you play online casino games at best australia online casino to see if you will like it.

  1. The Faith Tones “Jesus Use Me”

These were gospel folks who made music in the 1960s, 1964 to be exact. Beverly Beecham, Marie Samuels, and Vivian Wyler had a weird approach when it came to the way they did their hair. In fact, it was considered very bad for a gospel preacher. Even the cover art to their album went off the lines.

2. Sherwood Singers “Something Special”

Yes, the Sherwood singers had done a fantastic job to match their outfits, it was surely something special for such a group of singers. Their work is found on Spotify where you can find their not-so-friendly cover art.

3. Brainstorm “Smile a while”

You will crack your lungs when you see these guys wearing women undergarments to debut their album. Yes, we are talking about the Brainstorm, a group that had actually made some good music over the years but all was made fake by their undergarment cover art.

4. Swamp Dogg “Rat On!”

Yes, it’s a run down to 1971, a group that supported everything from the retro days. There is a bit of contradiction and lack of motion in their cover art. But you can still listen to the song while playing real money casino games.

5. Knorkator ‎”Hasenchartbreaker”

A German classic that has a hardcore metal band. Hood when performing live. Their work is mostly from the late 1990s.

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