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How to Host the Best Weed Party for Small Groups



Maybe you aren’t in college anymore. That doesn’t mean you can’t still throw an epic weed party. In fact, this is a trend that many adults are taking advantage of.

Gone are the days of passing around a soggy joint, then devouring a bowl of potato chips. Today’s cannabis party is a classy affair that is a grown-up way to indulge in marijuana, even if you aren’t living a dorm anymore.

Now that weed is legal in so many places, you can throw a party without fear of legal consequences. And chances are that you know plenty of people who would love to be a part of the festivities.

Never hosted a weed party before? You’re in the right place. Use this handy guide to help you plan an event that no one will soon forget.

Choose a Theme for Your Weed Party

The theme for your party doesn’t have to be centered solely around marijuana. You can choose a decorative theme and then integrate the weed as part of it. For example, do an 80s theme, then simply add cannabis to the party.

Or perhaps you want to host a roaring 20s party or a mob-themed affair. Other theme ideas include disco, college throwback, or 90s hip-hop.

The trick to this is to integrate weed into the bash without it taking center stage. You don’t want to get to cliche, but you can certainly combine your two elements – the theme and weed – to create a unique celebration for anything.

Another idea is to choose a theme that already mixes cannabis in. For example, host a costume party where everyone dresses as their favorite stoner from a movie.

Or, choose a tasting menu theme, with several different kinds of edibles or marijuana strains for your guests to sample. Just remember that an alcoholic beverage and THC don’t always mix so forgo the liquor in favor of the weed.

Whatever theme you choose, you can use it to guide your food menu, drink selection, decorations, and party games.

Have the Right Equipment on Hand

Your cannabis party is bound to be more successful if you have everything your guests might need on hand. That means everything from a glass bong to pipes to a rolling table.

Consider setting up stations that allow guests to choose their weed. This might include a table with a variety of edibles for those who don’t want to smoke. Make sure everything is labeled with basic ingredients and the THC strength.

For those who prefer smoking, keep several pipes and cheap bongs on hand so they can have at it. You might also offer papers and loose marijuana for guests who want to roll a joint. Like these

Of course, you’ll also want to have plenty of weed to go around. You can certainly provide it if you’d like, but you might also consider encouraging guests to bring their favorite cannabis products to share.

Include Decor and Entertainment

No party is complete without decorations, so make them a priority. Choose those that align with your theme, such as neon streamers for an 80s theme or a strobe light machine for a disco theme.

If you’re hosting your party outdoors, offer blankets in case the night cools off. Light a fire to give the event a touch of class. Use tablecloths and colorful plates, cups, and napkins to enhance the theme you’ve chosen.

Entertainment is also important for a cannabis party. Of course, you’ll want to have music playing. Creating a playlist specifically for your party is an easy way to help set it apart.

You can also choose music that goes with your theme. That might be 90s rap or hits from the 60s.

Whatever music you choose, be sure it’s not too loud or too soft. The right volume sets the scene for your party. Too much and guests won’t be able to hear each other and too soft and it will be hard to get the party going.

You might also consider having games or activities for guests. A backyard barbecue theme may include cornhole or lawn darts, while an 80’s theme calls for a dance contest.

Cultivate a Tasty Food and Drink Menu

Anyone who has ever used weed knows that it can make you snackish. For that reason, your food menu is pretty important. You’ll want to have a variety of snacks on hand to satisfy anyone’s cravings.

A range of appetizers is always a sure bet for a weed party. Include chips and dip, jalapeno poppers, nachos, popcorn, and veggies with dressing. Other ideas include crackers and cheese, hot wings, and finger sandwiches.

If you want to serve a meal, consider the foods that guests might crave when they’re high. Pizza is always a crowd-pleaser. Chili, macaroni and cheese, and burritos are other party winners. Hot dogs and hamburgers always work too.

Beverages are also vital. As mentioned above, avoid mixing THC and alcohol for the most part. Other options include soda, water, iced tea, fruit punch, lemonade, and juice.

Keep Weed Safety in Mind

You want your guests to enjoy their weed at your party, but you also need to consider safety. Never throw a cannabis party if kids are present. This way you won’t have to worry that they’ll accidentally ingest something they shouldn’t.

Never let anyone who is under the influence of marijuana drive home. If a guest doesn’t have a designated driver, let them stay overnight or help them sober up with water, food, and physical activity.

Those who are new to cannabis should not be left alone during the party. Make sure to watch them for a reaction to ensure everyone’s safety.

Your First Weed Party

Now that you know how to throw a weed party, you’re in for some fun! Mingle with your guests, while you enjoy a great high with your favorite people. And get ready to hear about your epic party for years to come.

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