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Coping with depression; 5 things you should try



Depression is the second most common disorder all over the world. More than 3-5% of the population in Canada is dealing with this disorder. It includes symptoms such as feeling low, loss of interest, lack of or increase in appetite, and mainly, suicidal ideation or suicidal thoughts. It is easy to fall into a pattern of ruminative thoughts when you are depressed such as “no one loves me”, “I am not good enough.” it is very important to deal with symptoms of depression as soon as possible before it becomes debilitating or worse, life-threatening. We have curated a list of tips to help you cope so that you find yourself feeling healthier, happier, and more hopeful after a period of time.

Reach out to loved ones

It is important to reach out for support during tough times like these. It can be tough to maintain an optimistic perspective if you have the same thoughts all day long. There is a tendency to isolate and withdraw from even connected family members and close friends. You may feel exhausted and you might not want to talk, but reaching out can help tremendously. Go to people who make you feel safe and secure. Make it a priority to actually meet up with people instead of calling or texting. Keep up with some social activities even if you do not feel like it.

Try mushrooms

This might sound quite controversial, but there has been a tremendous amount of research that shows psychedelics play a major role in changing the connections in your brain. People who are depressed have formed certain neural pathways in their brain which stimulate how they think. Mushrooms have the ability to change these neural pathways and increase brain plasticity.

This helps us get a new perspective and look at the bigger picture. You can either go for psychedelic-assisted therapy with a psychiatrist, or you can try microdosing mushrooms yourself. For microdosing, remember to get the highest quality Mushroom in Canada for the best results. Many studies have shown that microdosing helps increase focus, attention and also helps suppress depression and anxiety.

Spend time on your hobbies

It might feel like nothing is interesting anymore, but push yourself to do the things that you used to love doing. It might not help immediately, but it will gradually help you feel happier and more energetic. Express yourself creatively with the help of art and music. Try to play a sport that you used to love.

Support your health

It is already quite hard to deal with depression. This is why it is important to support the rest of your health in any way you can. Aim for a good consistent 8 hours of sleep every night, try to keep your stress levels in check by taking out time for yourself, remember to eat whole foods and fresh fruits and vegetables. Try to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day to release endorphins in your body.

It is very important to deal with the symptoms of depression before they become chronic and debilitating. Use these tips to help you get back on your feet in no time.

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