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Why Tech Companies Flourish in Charleston



Charleston must be one of the best places to live, work and play. Find out why this global city has a great tech hub and why Canadians are going there.


Why tech companies are drawn to Charleston

Charleston has a lot to offer; world-class restaurants, historic sites and cultural heritage,  cobblestone walkways,  beaches, a laid-back lifestyle and the type of locals that will make you feel right at home. Its location is near perfect – making it a city accessible by sea, land, rail and air.   Charleston has also been the recipient of various travel and leisure awards, but there’s more; Charleston has also established itself as a big player in the startup and tech hub industry. It’s prominence in the field of tech can be traced back to over 20 years ago when a software company called Blackbaud took its operations from the Big Apple down south to Charleston. One could say that Blackbaud served as a spring board because since that time, Charleston has added over 250 tech companies. Aiding in this tremendous growth is the Charleston Digital Corridor – launched back in 2001. This city-backed venture has since nurtured more than 80 technology startups and has attracted startups from outside to also share in its appealing incubation environment. Is it any wonder then that so many Canadian companies have Charleton as their homebase?

The ideal location

Nothing makes a city, country or county more appealing in the world of commerce than its location. It’s like they always say in the business fraternity: location, location, location. If you’re an investment banker, then your location is Wall Street; if you’re into tech and resources for Forex trading, then the information superhighway is your location. History has taught us that in-going waterways allowed for boats to travel up into other regions and parts of the world, thus facilitating trade and technology. For Canadians looking to work or find their fortune by way of a startup in Charleston, there’s almost no better location. Charleston has been deemed one of the most constructive and dynamic seaports in all of North America thanks largely to its seamless access into the global marketplace.  This accolade of deduction is solidified by an international airport and well-integrated highway and rail systems. Then there’s the centrality of Charleston – it’s practically the halfway mark between the US’ other two big cities – New York and Miami. Access from Canada is made easy thanks to constant flights to and from Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa – with landing primarily occurring at Atlanta and Charlotte.

Why Canadians keep on choosing Charleston

Due to its aesthetics, beaches, ease of access, cultural uniqueness and more,  Charleston is a habitual receiver of the ‘number one city in the US’ accolade. Various travel magazines and publications have punted this fact. And let’s not forget about the moderate year-round climate that South Carolina affords to all those who visit! Canada might have a warm summer, but that’s only 3 months of the year – the winters on the other hand can be unapologetic and unforgiving.  Landscape diversity means that oceans and scenic mountains are separated by a mere 3 to 4 hours.  Extra mural and social activities are definitely not in short supply in Charleston – great architecture,  lauded restaurants, arts, boutiques and niche shops all add up to a spirit of welcoming and enticement.  Annually, thousands are pleasantly lured down Southeast-side to become part of a thriving international community. All the major sports are catered to, including Canada’s no.1 – ice hockey.  At the end of the day, Charleston gives its residents the perfect blend of work and play. A great tech environment with a global reach combines with all the amenities you could possibly ask for. If ever you’ve been thinking of relocating for work or for something unique, pleasant, charming and enticing, then now might be the time to move to Charleston.

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