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10 Great Dinner Spaces in Miami



Miami is known for its eclectic attractions and thriving nightlife.  Both Cuban and Latin American traditions heavily influence the local area.

Looking to dine out in the near future? These wonderful cultures are also reflected in the restaurants available for you to enjoy around town. We’ve suggested eateries you’ll want to put on your list for the next time you’re looking for a place to eat dinner in Miami.

If you are looking for a private and quiet atmosphere, you can consider renting a cool venue and having it catered with the same Latin American and Cuban vibe!


As its name implies, this restaurant specializes in ceviche.  This dish is made from shrimp and/or raw fish mixed with vegetables and spices that is usually marinated in citrus juices.  This locale also offers a variety of risotto and seafood-based dishes, with a Peruvian flair.

Cvi.Che has won several awards over the last nine years and features vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan dishes.

Area 31

This private dining room is available for get-togethers and offers incredible views of Brickell Bridge and the Miami River. This scenic location means spectacular views are an accompaniment to your delicious meal.

The restaurant specializes in a variety of unique seafood dishes. Looking for a stand-up cocktail? They’ve got you covered and can make for a memorable gathering. Sit-down meals are the best here, too.

Komodo Restaurant

This eatery specializes in a fusion of Asian cuisine specializing in dishes from both China and Japan.  You can also ask them to make you your favorite sushi roll!  Komodo is found in Miami’s Brickell area, and includes three stories of indoor and outdoor dining as well as three bars!

The restaurant also features something they call “birds nest seating”.  Along with the palm fronds that abound both inside and outside the restaurant, these outdoor seating options make you feel like you are floating above the other diners, as though you are sitting in a treehouse!


Who wants Pizza?  As its name might imply, the specialty of this establishment is Italian food from the Tuscan region, which is located in the central portion of the country.  It is housed in a former home leftover from the 1950s.  Other favorite items available at this locale include seafood and vegetarian dishes.

Crust was voted one of the best restaurants in Miami in both 2017 and 2019 and, in its nine years of existence, was named one of OpenTable’s 100 Best Restaurants in America.

Il Gabbiano

You can visit this elegant restaurant anytime, but it especially caters to special occasions, family celebrations, and group parties.  It sits right on the water, near Bayfront Park, so you can enjoy lovely views, right from your seat.

You can check out the docked cruise ships on the water nearby, and sneak peeks of Dodge Island and Virginia Key while enjoying Il Gabbiano’s authentic Italian and seafood dishes.

Garcia Seafood Grille

As its name would imply, this restaurant specializes in seafood.  It also features a fish market where you can walk around and view all the fresh catches of the day.  You can even pick your own lobster!

This eatery is good for people who are looking for something a little more casual and it offers a balcony that overlooks the Miami River.


When you’re looking to dine in Miami, check out this food emporium.  It highlights a fusion cuisine that offers a mixture of Italian, Mediterranean, Romana, Latin, and seafood dishes.  This locale can also wrestle up a number of unique pizza offerings.

Quinto La Huella

This is a Uruguayan restaurant situated in Miami’s Brickell district.  It primarily offers steak and seafood dishes with a Latin flair.  Try out this place for a unique cuisine you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else!

Old Lisbon Restaurant

Now we travel from South America to Europe!  This is a Portuguese restaurant that offers seafood dishes with hints of Mediterranean and other European twists. Sausages, shrimp, beef, clams – all members of the party can be served a favorite at this fabulous eatery.

Pollos & Jarras

You can travel the world without leaving Miami!  This house of unique eats is also found not far from Bayfront Park.  It features barbecue chicken and seafood dishes in the Peruvian style!  Whether it is ceviche, lobster, or chicken you are craving, this locale will cook it for you in their own, funky, artistic style on the grill.

Get ready to dine in style

Planning a night out? Book a spot for a fun catered dinner or check out some of these local favorites.  And don’t be afraid to tempt your palate with something new.  There are plenty of Miami food options to choose from!

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