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Making the decision to go it alone and face whatever may come (which will hopefully be nothing but success after success) isn’t easy. First of all, you have to convince yourself that this is absolutely the right move for you. And we all know how indecisive we can all be about whether something is right or wrong for us. Next, you have to convince your friends and loved ones that it’s a great idea. Without their backing and moral support, you’re in for a tough solo ride. Finally, you need heaps of planning, more money than you ever thought you’d be able to free up for your own personal use (so to speak), and you have to give up the day job. It’s quite the tall order.

With so much going on, a few pointers to make sure you’re headed in the right direction probably wouldn’t go amiss. Let’s look at some home business startup tips.

Developing brand loyalty (from the get-go)

If brand marketing is news to you, don’t panic (see this website for more information). Brand marketing isn’t the enemy. It’s not some extra consideration that you have to throw effort at – last-minute style – before you can hope to turn a profit. It’s more your long-term plan for brand loyalty and creating a buzz around your business that will help turn your startup into an established brand.

You need to pay attention to the quality of your product, your delivery of services, and customer aftercare. Start by replying to every comment you receive online. This will take time each evening but the pay off in loyalty and direct service cannot be bought.

Keep track of your accounts

Nothing can quite prepare you for when your books don’t balance. It’s enough to ruin the rest of your day, initially, and then your entire week when you really can’t’ find the solutions you need.

Everybody knows that, as a startup, you’re going to be reliant on spreadsheets to map out your expenditure, your revenue, and your profit. Don’t let your spreadsheets slip. Make sure you pay attention, every day if you have to. The end goal is to become so successful that you can outsource or automate your accounts. But you’ll never get there if you don’t balance the books in year one.

Time management 

The last tip is, you guessed it, to remember to save time for the important things in life (namely, your friends and family).

Startups can really take it out of you. When you’re basically working 16 hours per day, with just enough time to run to the supermarket and buy food, do a few other chores, and sleep for 5-6 hours per night, the whole burning the candle from both ends scenario plays out. And it’s never pretty.

But remember why you’re doing this. What’s probably the case is that you didn’t feel fulfilled in your last job, while also leaving little time for the people who matter. Don’t repeat the mistake. Two evenings a week to switch off isn’t much. You deserve it.

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