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Do men play online slots more or women?



Slot machines are games for everyone. The rules of most of the games are simple and the gameplay is usually straightforward. Hence, anyone, whether male or female, can play them without facing difficulties – play Paradise Reels.

However, there’s a common misconception that slot machines are majorly for men. And that only men could bet on the game and win. But this isn’t true. According to research, it has been proven that women also play slot machines a lot. In fact, data reveals that women were some of the biggest slot players.

The Oregon State University Research

In 2013, behavioural researchers at the Oregon State University carried out a study on gamblers. The reports from the study showed that ladies between the ages of 55 to 60 with yearly revenue of around $55,000 were big fans of slot machines.

The researchers also found that these female gamblers were not playing for the money or to socialize. Most of them who are in their retirement ages play only for the thrill and excitement they get from having something at stake.

Male slot players Vs Female slot players

Over the years, it has been proven that men gamble more than women. But when it comes to slot gaming, much more women are involved than expected.

Also, while female slot players are mostly those in their retirement stages, male players cut across all ages. And most of the men play mainly to make some money and to entertain themselves. On the other hand, most women just get thrilled by staking.

So, when women lose while playing, it doesn’t matter so much. It also doesn’t matter if they meet with new people or socialize. They just want that adrenaline rush they get from expecting to win or lose their stake.

It’s a different ball game for men as their eyes are usually on the prize. They give doing everything they can to win in slots.

However, while a larger number of women play slots, you’ll hardly find them in other categories of casino games. Men, on the other hand, play different categories like cards, wheel games, and dice.

Other reasons why women prefer slot machines

Here are some reasons you’ll rarely find women playing other casino games apart from slots.

  •         Slots require no skills – This is probably the biggest reason. All they have to do is bet their money and spin. They don’t have to apply strategies or do too much thinking. This way, slots give them the exact thrills they want.
  •         A huge variety of slot machines – There are different themes, designs, and styles of slot machines. It becomes more interesting when they find catchy symbols, icons, and characters. Unlike other casino games where they have to think, they just get amused by watching the reels of slot machines spin.

Who plays slots more? Men or Women?

Obviously, there are still more male slot gamers than women. This is because almost all legal age groups of men are interested in slots. However, younger females who gamble tend to prefer horseracing or sports betting to slot machines.

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