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The Importance Of A Strong Short Game In Golf



Are you one of those people who are always hearing that the short game is really all that matters? If so then there are plenty of reasons why this is the case. The main reason is because so many shots can be gained or lost within 100 yards of the pin in golf.

However, learning these skills don’t come overnight as it takes time to learn how to become a great putter or chipper. Other skills such as driving and power can be developed as you go in your golf career so being efficient at these skills now is important.

Time might be better spent on learning these skills because when put together, they can make a huge difference in your overall golf game and can act as quick wins that can improve your scores by as much as 40%.

Wedge Shots

Having the basics of your golf swing dialed in will allow you to be accurate with your wedge shots. This will allow you to hit the ball closer to the hole and will make all the difference with your overall scoring. Using your wedges smartly will allow you to open up angles and leave yourself putts that are easier to sink than if you don’t have control from inside 100 yards.

The best way to find consistency with your wedge shots include investing in a simulator like the Garmin Approach R10 so that you can practice from home or to head out to your local driving range. This will allow you to dial your wedges in more often. You can also learn proven golf tips and swing basics from blogs such as

Chip Shots

If you are looking for an advantage around the green then it also makes sense to make sure that you know how to hit chip shots effectively. Effective chip shots will be accurate and generate backspin to help them to stop quickly.

Justin Rose describes Seve Ballesteros method of chipping as a great example to follow. By holding the club gently and allowing the club to glide across the turf you will be able to generate a nice amount of consistency and roll with your chip shots. The key with wedge shots to avoid topping them is to create a repeatable method that you can trust around the greens.


Putting is a key skill in golf and is often underestimated as a great way to make up strokes during a round. In fact, around 40% of shots during a round can be from putts. Just think of the difference that reducing the number of three putts can make.

By having a strong putting game that you can rely on you really can take the pressure off other parts of your golf game such as driving.

Some quick ways to reduce the number of putting strokes during a round are to work on drills, invest in a putting mat and also to choose the right equipment that is built for forgiveness and consistency.

In Summary

The game of golf can be baffling and frustrating but if you take the time to learn the basic skills needed for it, it will become much easier and more fun in the long run. The fundamental skills of approach shots, chipping, and putting are key in scoring well during a round and shouldn’t be overlooked.

By spending time at the driving range or at home to work on these skills you can increase your confidence and trust in your game so that you will be able to make up shots on your opponents when you are within 100 yards of the green.

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