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Web Development Cost & Top Factors That Affect it



By: Alex Kudimov

With the advent of free drag and drop template-based website creators, more and more users have managed to create online portfolios and personal websites.

Does this end the way website developers operate? No, not at all. While free website creators are highly effective and worthy of praise for simplifying the process, the effectiveness of websites made this way is highly limited; they are unable to parallel the excellence of custom-designed websites.

The cost of web development for truly personalized websites is higher for a reason.

These websites create a much stronger impact on the visitors and enhance conversion rates for business owners. Thus avoid being drawn towards low-value deals and instead consider your goals before setting a budget.

So, How Much Does Web Development Cost?

While free template-based website creators have made the process smoother, they don’t offer the best results. To truly unleash the influence of your brand and business, you’ll need a website featuring a custom design and structure. Then there is the optimization for maximum reach, regular blog updates, and so on.

Professional web developers have not lost their relevance and will not do so anytime soon because their services make a much bigger impact than simple drag and drop site creator tools.

However, these premium-level services come at a cost. An individual freelancer will take on a web development project for $500 to $5,000, whereas the sum will be bigger for web design agencies because they offer superior results.

The return on investment will vary depending on what you want to accomplish with your website, i.e. if your business is big enough, you should go for premium-level websites to stretch the profitability even further.

Bottom Line

Now that you understand how to estimate web development cost, let’s make one thing clear: the more you invest, the better returns you can expect. Template-based websites that lack originality cannot hope to compete with high-end custom web designs.

For this reason, most people turn to web development professionals (freelancers and agencies) to get their work done flawlessly. The return on investment on such meticulously designed websites is high enough to make the whole thing worth your time and money.

Research every aspect before finalizing your decision!

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