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Denture Care Shop Launched in Charleston



Press Release

Credit: Denture Care Shop

Denture Care Shop, headquartered in Charleston, is revolutionizing the denture industry by using advanced dental technology and a first of its kind digital dentistry platform to  make replacement dentures more accessible and affordable than ever.  

The first Denture Care Shop location officially opened at 6185 Rivers Avenue in North Charleston this April, and expects to grow rapidly in the coming year. Using digital scanning and 3D-printing technology, Denture Care Shop allows dentists to offer replacement full dentures for $199 to $299 per plate. After a 45-minute appointment, the new dentures are ready in 3 days.

Denture Care Shop is open to the public and provides free consultations to individuals interested in replacement dentures. Denture Care Shop also partners with senior care facilities to provide on-site free digital scans of existing dentures so that replacing lost, broken, or old dentures is a phone call away.

“The traditional method of replacing full dentures is broken,” said Adam Bielsky, Co-Founder of  DentureCare, LLC. “The challenges of getting new dentures are staggering – due to cost (up to $1,500 or  more on avg per plate), inconvenience (4+ visits), wait times (5 – 8 weeks) and the fear of unnecessary  procedures. We knew we had to create a solution that allows dentists to make the process more convenient, accessible and affordable for patients.”

Edentulism, the condition of having no natural teeth, affects 36 million people1 in the United States and  disproportionately impacts lower-income and elderly populations. In South Carolina, it affects 17% of the  65+ year-old population2, or more than 80,000 people. Thousands of people in our community suffer with  ill-fitting, old, broken, or lost dentures, which poses secondary health risks, like gastrointestinal issues and  chronic inflammation3.

“Since April 1, the first Denture Care Shop has served over 100 individuals and delivered over 135 new replacement dentures, and we’re ecstatic about how happy customers have been. There have been a lot of  happy tears and hugs,” said Steven Kleiman, Co-Founder of DentureCare, LLC. “We know that addressing this problem will have a big impact on our community. The demand for a more affordable, convenient, and  accessible dentures is massive.”


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