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Thinking of Switching your Energy Supplier?



For businesses in the UK, it is a good business strategy to be always thinking about switching to a new energy supplier when your current contract expires. This is because the energy sector in the UK is deregulated, meaning energy consumers are free to choose from whom they want to buy their electricity and gas supplies. With currently over 50 energy suppliers  and more joining every day, it means new and better deals become available to energy consumers every year.Moreover, sticking to one supplier year after year can cost your business extra money as many energy suppliers tend to automatically increase tariffs on renewal of existing contracts. Finding a new energy supplier for your business has never been so easy if you use an online comparison platform like Usave. If you are thinking about energy price savings for your business, we have the solutions for you.

Switching Suppliers?

If it is your intention to switch suppliers, it is necessary to check when your current contract is due to expire. You also need to know what is known as the switching period or notice period is. This is the period when the contract is available for renewal. Such information can be easily obtained from a recent energy bill or contract agreement.

Businesses can derive huge benefits from switching from their existing supplier to a new one. The main benefit is the money your business can save when it switches to a supplier charging lower tariffs. Other benefits include the more attractive perks and extras that you can get by signing a contract with a new supplier. A new supplier could also give you a better deal in terms of better quality of service delivery and customer care. Usave is the best place to compare energy prices.

Additional Benefits

It is definitely worthwhile to continually check whether the plan or contract you are currently on is the best there is. Whenever time permits, you need to do so. Compare the current tariffs you are being charged and any extras you are being offered by your current supplier and those of other energy suppliers. Chances are that you will find that there are much better deals being offered by other suppliers.

Save more When you Switch

Savings of up to 40 % on tariff charges are not uncommon when businesses switch energy suppliers. That switching electricity and gas suppliers is a practice gaining momentum amongst business people is borne by the fact that in 2020 more than 5 million energy consumers in the UK switched from their existing suppliers to new ones. This is proof that businesses now recognize the many benefits of making a supplier switch.

Since energy suppliers tend to increase tariffs upon renewal of existing contracts, it is wise for businesses to shop around for cheaper and better deals elsewhere as the current contract expiry date approaches. This enables you to commence switching proceedings as soon as your contract approaches the renewal window starts.

When shopping around, it is important to get quotes from different energy suppliers always remembering to include the standing charge in your comparisons.

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